John Kerry: Protect the Bills of Rights and Freedom of the Press

Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on the Free Flow of Information Act, also known as the Media Shield Act (S. 340). John Kerry is a co-sponsor of the legislation.

“Congress should not wait any longer to aggressively ensure the freedom of the press in America. The Free Flow of Information Act, or Media Shield Act, is a common-sense solution to a complex issue. It makes clear that journalists will never have to reveal a confidential source, but requires they testify if they have information essential to solving a crime. This bill deserves support and deserves to be brought up for a vote in Congress. At a time our troops are fighting for freedom overseas, it’s disappointing that the president is opposing this bill at home. It’s the least we can do to guarantee basic freedoms our Founding Fathers intended.”

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One Response to John Kerry: Protect the Bills of Rights and Freedom of the Press

  1. kj says:

    This is quite interesting and I’m not altogether sure I agree with JK on this at all. I understand the idea behind it, but…

    Okay, so who decides if a reporter has information essential to solving a crime… the defense attorney, or the prosecutor? Do you see what I’m saying? If no one but the reporter knows the information WILL solve a crime, who is to say the information is essential?

    I know this is splitting hairs, and the Judith Miller case seems to be an excellent example where it would work, and work just fine… but, I just see some potential abuse possibilities if this were enacted.

    I watch too much Law & Order. 😀