London Police Kill Man at Subway Station

London is having more than it’s share. In the aftermath of searching for suspects involved in yesterday’s subway blasts, police in London “shot and killed a man wearing a thick coat at a London subway station.”

The man died after being shot by officers at the Stockwell subway station in south London, police said.

Passengers said a man, described as South Asian, ran onto a train at Stockwell station in south London. Witnesses said plainclothes police chased him, he tripped, and police then shot him.

“They pushed him onto the floor and unloaded five shots into him. He’s dead,” witness Mark Whitby told the British Broadcasting Corp. “He looked like a cornered fox. He looked petrified.”

London morning newspapers reflect the “city’s volatile mood — part defiance, part anxiety.”

“Britain will not be beaten,” vowed a front-page headline in the Daily Express. “Is this how we must now live?” asked the Daily Mirror over pictures of the attacks’ aftermath. The Independent had a similar photo montage and the words: “City of Fear.”

UPDATED: Photos released of 4 sought in London attacks

Appeal for public help comes hours after 5th man gunned down on subway

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4 Responses to London Police Kill Man at Subway Station

  1. Ron Chusid says:

    Just in by email:

    Breaking News from


  2. They are moving fast on yesterday’s incident –

  3. Andrew Milner says:

    If you are a Pakistani, or look like one and live in a run-down inner city in Britain, it’s like being a Jew in Nazi Germany: Assaulted and insulted on a daily basis. If the right-wing thugs don’t get you the police will.
    Exaggeration, generalization? Read this letter from the BBC “Have your say” column:
    “My Asian Muslim friend was beaten to a pulp in broad daylight in Bristol the day after the bombings, leaving him unconscious with broken limbs and a ruptured kidney. The police in Bristol have to date refused to even take a statement, telling his family “it’s not the right time to be making complaints like this.” So much for protecting all sections of the community.”

    Faced with this level of racial harassment, wouldn’t anyone feel like strapping on a semtex waistcoat and giving Blair, or the nearest authority figure, the hot handshake?
    Personally I think the Leeds bombers were patsies, but either way, the Muslims catching the flack.

  4. Andrew Milner Says:


    Thanks for filing us in on that. It’s all very sad.