John Kerry Meets with Lance Armstrong

Kerry and Armstrong

John Kerry thinks Lance Armstrong would make a terrific politician — but fears he’d be running for the other party.

Watching Armstrong during his warmup for Saturday’s time trial, the Democrat from Massachusetts listed the Texan’s winning qualities.

“What’s made him so special at the Tour de France, and as an athlete, is the level of focus, discipline, intelligence, strategic ability, and obviously, his endurance — his ability to just take it on and go,” Kerry said.

Those qualities would serve Armstrong well in politics, Kerry said. But Armstrong is also friendly with fellow Texan George W. Bush.

“I think he’d be awesome, he’d be a force. I just hope it’s for the right party,” said Kerry, an avid cyclist and longtime fan of the Tour de France.

Kerry said he had tapes of last year’s Tour delivered during his presidential campaign last year.

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28 Responses to John Kerry Meets with Lance Armstrong

  1. Wow!


    Thanks so much for posting this! Great photos. Wonderful story. So good to see JK enjoying himself in France with Lance Armstrong.

  2. Marjorie G says:

    Always liked that shirt. Yes, rested and speaking a lot of French.

  3. Yeah, great pics of JK with Lance!

    This story which gave me a chuckle:
    Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest

    Cheney was here yesterday at a fundraiser for Doug Forrester(Corzine’s opponent for Governor). I can’t believe that dirt bag was actually spitting distance from my house!!! About a 150-200 of us showed up to protest Friday afternoon. “1 2 3 4 kick Cheney out the door, 5 6 7 8 we don’t want you in our state!” LOL! Lots of thumbs up and horn honks from people driving past us. Pretty stupid move on Forrester’s part actually. 200 people came to the fundraiser but this is Blue NJ and Bush/Cheney are not popular folks here. The visit will probably cost him another 5% in the polls, moron.

  4. Teresa says:

    Oh how nice. JK is always doing positive things and enjoying himself. What a wise man.

  5. Dave

    That is quite a story. I think I heard about that on NPR.

    Sounds like quite a day protesting Cheney. I hope you are done scrubbing the neighborhood down with lysol.

  6. Teresa

    He is such a wise man. It’s lovely to see him there enjoying himself. France is so beautiful in the summer.

  7. Teresa says:

    Oooooh, sounds good. Gives me the idea to start enjoying MYself. Doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

  8. kj says:

    “1 2 3 4 kick Cheney out the door, 5 6 7 8 we don’t want you in our state!”

    Love it. 😀

  9. Insider says:

    “Low profile”? Are you kidding. If you watched OLN’s coverage of the Individual Time Trial, Kerry looked like he was doing a fillibuster instead of a TV interview.

    Kerry’s OLN Fillibuster

  10. kj says:

    There’s nothing wrong with talking, or listening, especially when the person doing the talking has the gifts that John Kerry has.

  11. Insider says:

    I don’t think OLN thought much of what he had to say and was cut out of the rebroadcasts.

  12. Insider

    I think it is very amusing that right-wingers like yourself have SO MUCH to say about John Kerry SO often.

    I mean really, what is up with that? He must be still a big threat to all of you, because there is so much buzz about JK on the right-wing blogs that it is hysterical.

  13. Indie Liberal says:

    Pamela Leavey Says at 7:48 pm

    Interesting reply above.

  14. Indie Liberal Says

    LOL! Isn’t it though…

  15. Indie Liberal says:

    It is.

  16. Indie Liberal

    It’s amazing how many righties still get themselves in a tizzy over JK.

  17. Teresa says:

    Member our old friend Alma?
    She used to say they were scurred of him. (he he)

  18. Mary Bowman says: This is an interesting interview which John Kerry should read if he has doubts about which political party would get to claim Lance Armstrong as its candidate. While he claims to be a “friend” of Bush, he describes his own politics as “middle to left” and his social views are totally contrary to those of the current president.

  19. Mary Bowman Says:


    Thanks for the heads up. Lance was with Kerry election night. I have a feeling JK was being coy. I will definately check the article out and forward it to his office.

  20. Indie Liberal says:

    Teresa Says at 1:00 am
    Member our old friend Alma?
    She used to say they were scurred of him. (he he)

    Hey Teresa,

    It’s me Alma. Just changed the name to Indie Liberal cause it’s represents me.

    BTW: They are still scurred of him. (hee, hee!)

  21. Teresa says:

    know Indie! Just joking!

  22. Indie Liberal says:

    It’s all good Teresa!

  23. Mary4Kerry says:

    Thanks, Pamela Leavey for following up on my posting re the Lance Armstrong interview which I found fascinating. I hope you do forward it to JK. I wouldn’t have the least idea how to do so, though we certainly supported him strongly in the last election. Keep up the good word. And why can’t we get rid of Rove?

  24. Mary

    I just sent it to JK’s office. Thanks again. We’re working on getting rid of Rove and the whole crew I hope!

  25. Mary4Kerry says:

    Great – many thanks!! I’m ready to rumble for 2008 (and everything in between)!

  26. Mary

    FYI… I’ve been informed that it’s been seen! Me too!

  27. Mary4Kerry says:

    I’m disappointed that Lance Armstrong rode with “W” at Crawford over the weekend. I guess he tries to be apolitical, but still………..

  28. Mary

    I hear you. Lance serves on W’s cancer commission so I guess he has to do the social thing to get W to listen to him.