Roberts Mum on Federalist Society Membership

The WaPo has reported the John Roberts has indeed been listed as member in the Federalist Society. However this morning Roberts declined to explain “why he was listed in a leadership directory of the Federalist Society. ” The White House reverberated that stance, that Roberts’ has no recollection of belonging to the Federalist Society.

Roberts, nominated by Bush last week to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, was asked by a reporter about the discrepancy during a morning get-acquainted meeting with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

He smiled but didn’t reply.

Evidently niether Roberts or the White House is interested in coming clean on this revelation that was first reported after Roberts was nominated.

Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, reported immediately after his nomination that Roberts had been a member of the Federalist Society. The AP and others printed corrections after the White House said later that Roberts doesn’t recall ever belonging to the group.

The Washington Post reported Monday that it had obtained from a liberal group a 1997-98 Federalist Society leadership directory listing Roberts, then a partner in a private law firm, as being a steering committee member in the group’s Washington chapter.

Could it be possible that someone could serve on a steering committee and forget? Doubtful…

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2 Responses to Roberts Mum on Federalist Society Membership

  1. kj says:

    I would love to see Roberts saying he has no recollection of belonging to the Federalist Society to my first grade teacher Sister Mildred. She would have strung him up by his… pencils.

  2. KJ

    By his pencils… LOL!