From Stop The NRA: Stop Gun Industry Immunity!! OPPOSE S. 397.

Stop The NRA has sent out an Action Alert the NRA-sponsored gun industry immunity bill (S. 397), which Bill Frist announced would go to a vote this week on the Senate floor. See Ron’s post below for more on this issue: Senate Moves to Shield Gun Industry.

Stop The NRA (cropped)

NRA Board Member Senator Craig (R-ID), with the help of Majority Leader Frist (R-TN) and other NRA-backed Senators, is trying to ram an NRA-sponsored bill (S. 397) through the Senate. Senator Frist stood in the Senate today and said that he will do what it takes to get this bill passed this week. The NRA must be proud of him!

And will he continue to listen to the NRA and demand a vote on the bill with limited debate and no amendments? On a bill that had no Senate hearings?! This is not how our system is supposed to work.

CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY AND URGE THEM TO: OPPOSE S. 397! Don’t shut off the debate!

Read the press release here from the Brady Campaign on the Bush administration statement today on S. 397.

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