Kennedy Hails IRA Decision to Give Up Armed Fight for Politics

The IRA has announced today, that it will lay down arms. Senator Ted Kennedy, was among the many US lawmakers who have called for the IRA to disband. Kennedy, brother of late President John F. Kennedy is the patriarch of America’s most prominent Irish-American family.

In a statement, the Provisionals confirmed its armed struggle ended at 4pm today when all IRA units were ordered to dump arms.

The organisation also confirmed that it had instructed its representative to complete its disarmament process in a way which would enhance public confidence and to do this as quickly as possible.

The full IRA statement can be read here.

Senator Kennedy on the IRA announcement:

“I welcome today’s IRA statement. Hopefully, this statement means we’re finally nearing the end of this very long process to take guns and criminality out of politics in Northern Ireland once and for all.

I look forward to the final act of decommissioning, and the verification that paramilitary activity and criminality have ended, and the all-important restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Peace and violence cannot coexist in Northern Ireland, and all who care about peace and stability look forward to these final actions.”

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