John Kerry Applauds Bill Frist For Breaking with Past and Party to Embrace Stem Cell Research

Bill Frist endorsed government-funded research on human embryonic stem cells Friday, breaking with President Bush and the religious conservatives he’s been courting for a 2008 presidential bid. He drew praise from former first lady Nancy Reagan.

John Kerry issued the following statement in regards to Frist’s flip flop:

“I applaud Senator Frist for breaking with the president and his party on stem cell research. The issue of stem cell research is deeply personal and fundamentally moral. These moral questions should never be answered lightly, but our humanity and our responsibility to those suffering demands we answer them.

“Ideological rigidity in Washington should not be allowed to stand in the way of promising work that could save and transform countless lives. I’m grateful Senator Frist is ending his past refusal to work with leaders of both parties who are committed to finding cures for the deadliest diseases.

“There are 100 million Americans suffering today from illnesses that might one day be treated or cured with stem cell therapy, but only if Washington will allow doctors to pursue promising research balanced by strict ethical guidelines. Every day that we wait, more than 3,000 Americans die from diseases that may someday be treatable because of stem cell research.

“Some of the most pioneering cures and treatments are right at our fingertips. We can’t let politics keep them beyond our reach.

“From heart transplants to polio vaccines, America’s progress has been defined by our sense of limitless possibility and our commitment to use the power of science to improve the lives of all our people. It’s wrong to turn away from stem cell research that offers some of the best hopes for the future.

“We must make funding for this research a priority. Above all, we must look to the future not with fear, but with the hope and faith that stem cell research is a gift that will advance our highest ideals and ultimate responsibility to our fellow man.”

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7 Responses to John Kerry Applauds Bill Frist For Breaking with Past and Party to Embrace Stem Cell Research

  1. Marjorie G says:

    Great comments, as always. Methinks there is never a break with the party until it’s allowed. They looked at the polls on this, and he looked at 2008.

  2. Marjorie

    I was listening to Left, Right and Center on NPR earlier the Right said it probably won’t hurt Frist.

    Problem is, Bush is still adamantly against it.

  3. Marjorie G says:

    I think their Bush has zero moral or emotional investment in anything other than political pay-off.

    Great Kerry festival, as usual. Thanks!

  4. janet says:

    It kind of makes me sick–Frist is taking this position for political reasons in the same way he diagnosed Terry Schiavo from a video. Kerry and other people in support of this important scientific issue are in favor of it for the good of humankind. And to me there is a huge difference—and Bush is opposed for political reasons which is even worse. Arlan Spector is sincere as is Nancy Reagan.

  5. Casey Morris says:

    It’s grating on my nerves to have to hear accolades tossed at Frist as though he were doing something other than being a grasping political pig.

    Truly, he makes me ill.

    John Kerry is a world class diplomat, gentleman, statesman, and humanitarian. i sincerely hope our next president, should John not run again, makes him Secretary of State. I think he could do wonderful things for our world and make great stride in restoring the confidence the world used to have in the US that this adminstration has erased.

  6. Janet, Casey

    Regardless of Frist’s motives at this point is the importance that he has decided to put support into this. If I recall correctly Specter hasn’t always been pro-stem cell research either.

    I don’t like Bill Frist one bit, but I am always willing to acknowledge when someone does the right thing, false motives or not. If it means that we make one step closer to the goal, then that is win, is it not?

  7. Marjorie,

    Where ever I am you will always find a Kerry fest going on! LOL!