Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

Another ugly Secret Memo today… this one an exclusive from Newsweek.

An FBI agent warned superiors in a memo three years ago that U.S. officials who discussed plans to ship terror suspects to foreign nations that practice torture could be prosecuted for conspiring to violate U.S. law, according to a copy of the memo obtained by NEWSWEEK. The strongly worded memo, written by an FBI supervisor then assigned to Guantanamo, is the latest in a series of documents that have recently surfaced reflecting unease among some government lawyers and FBI agents over tactics being used in the war on terror. This memo appears to be the first that directly questions the legal premises of the Bush administration policy of “extraordinary rendition”—a secret program under which terror suspects are transferred to foreign countries that have been widely criticized for practicing torture.

A senior FBI official, who asked not to be identified because the issue is sensitive, said the memo was not an official bureau legal conclusion. Its author was at Gitmo to advise on interrogation techniques, not to render legal opinions, the official said. (The memo’s author, a former New York City prosecutor, declined to comment to NEWSWEEK.) But another senior U.S. law-enforcement official familiar with the memo, who also asked not to be identified, said the memo reflects concerns among many agents and lawyers about “rendition.” Intel officials estimate that more than 100 terror suspects have been rendered to foreign countries by the CIA under a classified directive signed by President George W. Bush after 9/11.

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4 Responses to Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured

  1. Joe says:

    Great – another memo to be ignored by the government and most of the media…and another reason to VOTE in the 2006 elections…
    As far as the memo itself, Gonzolas et al already made the case for torture here, so they no doubt thought it was totally legal.

  2. trobc says:

    The Clinton administration also engaged in extraordinary rendition, much to my dismay. I would like to think of this as a right-wing character flaw, but apparently a middle of the roader like Bubba was first seduced by this villainy.

  3. NJ Osprey says:

    Given that FBI agents noted that the treatment of prisoners at GITMO and Abu Gareb violated US law, it is all to clear why 1/3 of the FBI is now under the direct control of the new national intelligence czar.

  4. sam says:

    Are we paying attention yet?