Bush Appoints Bolton to U.N. Post

George W. Bush pulled the ultimate spoiled child moment today…

Frustrated by Democrats and even a few Republicans, President Bush on Monday circumvented the Senate and appointed embattled nominee John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations.

Under the Constitution, a recess appointment during the lawmakers’ August break would last until the next session of Congress, which begins in January 2007.

Anticipating this move from Bush, Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said yesterday on “Fox News Sunday, “He’s damaged goods. This is a person who lacks credibility.”

Check out MSNBC’s Live Vote on the Bolton recess appointment.

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8 Responses to Bush Appoints Bolton to U.N. Post

  1. Nick says:

    Yep, a

    A spoiled child, a brat who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get wha he wants. He reminds me of a character in the movie “School Ties” where a rich prep student refers over and over again to “dirty Jews” but “resents ” beign called anti-Semitic. No I’m not suggesting that Bush is an anti-Semite, but he does combine the 3 major qualities of the 3 worst post WWII presidents:
    Nixon’s secrecy and corruption
    Reagan’s economic royalism
    Clinton’s petulance.
    All these rolled into one= George W. Bush.

    On a more lighter note: The right-wing Richmond Times-Dispatch reported over the weekend that Barry Goldwater’s nephew is planning to run for governor of Arizona in 2006. Does he have any chance of unseating Governor Napolitano? Or is this a reliable Democratic keeper in 2006?
    In other news, David Broder reports that Gov. Schwarzenneegger has a job approval rating of 41% in California. Time for a blue state to have a blue governor? What are our chances of a gubernatorial pickup here?

  2. Nick

    Arhnold is rapidly sinking into his own mire. I haven’t paid much attention to local politics lately. We have a couple of Dems running for Gov. Phil Angelides is one of them. Boxer and Pelosi already endorsed him. I’ll keep my ears open to news here and report back.

  3. Sam says:

    “Power corrupt’s, and absolute power corrupt’s absolutely”. We see the spoiled sons of CEO’s in charge.

    Can you say………….Dibold? The password was Dibold. Banks, can keep track of our money and be accountable, so why is voting such a boondoggle? One wonders? Frankly one is skeptical that many of us are all that stupid.

    Gimme a feeking break. Are we dealing with newbies? or just the ever so spoiled they expect to get their way no matter what?

    My heart sang to hear Bolton booed as he entered the UN.

    And accustomed as I am to flogging dead equine; I have to say this Judge……….is a serious ringer. (sports for some reason seem an appropriate analogy), This dude was kept clean, but the family has some roots in Anti Abortion. And the judges own words have been recorded on this issue. He took issue with Roe v Wade, from a constitutional perspective, this means he would like to see this overturned. This is BAD. Real bad.

    Please don’t let government DO THIS TO WOMEN AGAIN. Please. Take women back to coat hangers and we will come for you, remember, the gun guys won.

    Way ahead of the troops we care so much about. The boyscout jamboree was also heard in the senate while the funding for the war was tabled. The defense authorization was put off until after a congressional vacation. (1 month). But the Gun dudes and the boy scouts were heard from.

    And as an aside, and I appologise in advance for the irony…..while I was watching C span coverage of the senate debating the ability of the boy scouts to use Federal sites for Jamborees, a senator came in and announced that there had been an accident at a boyscout jamboree, it ultimately killed four scout leaders. I have not heard much coverage of this post event. What I did hear was that a tent pole struck a high power line…..this led me to ask myself what the hell kind of high power line is going to hit your average boy scout tent? They tend to be pretty high up…. How the hell large was this tent????

    No news to speak of as follow up, but all networks are all over the lost blonde in Aruba. Who knew?

    Ironic Aint it? Be prepared……………..my ass.

    Marley said it best; “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights, get up stand up, don’t give up the fight”.

    I am begining to hear the voice of my Country again, thank God, if there is one.

  4. Sam

    A lot of good points here. Roberts is a disaster waiting to happen. Kennedy is already swinging but it doesn’t seem as though any other Dems on Judiciarly are. However DiFi has vowed to fight to preserve Roe v Wade.

    I wondered the same thing myself about that boyscount tent? WTF?

    Marley did say it best and more and more each day people are standing up!

  5. sam says:

    Thanks Pam, sometimes I feel alone here. Always nice to hear a similar view.


    End of Sept there WILL BE A DEMONSTRATION. Ill be there look for small white woman with red and white hair wearing a flagrantly antibush t shirt holding a big sign. Fight the Power when the power is WRONG.

    Till I die, I promise.


  6. sam says:

    When a country is as deeply dIvided as this one, Civil war is a concern. We don’t trust the system anymore. The freeking voting machine password was Dibold.

    Im a little geeky, a good password is a combination of both upper and lower case letters with some #’s. No human who understands password security would have made this password (dibold). NONE. i dont run code, but if I did hacking dibold would have been a walk in the freeking park. k?

    If that was the password then a newbie could have hacked it. k?

    Can you say…………….cyber security?

    Need help with this ? just ask.

  7. sam says:

    Amazing to me how the views of the senate are not heard.

    This puppy didn’t past muster. Did he? What exactly is he being rewarded for? Subverting itell that argued with the whole wmd thing?

    Ya think?

    Bolton was the Admin’s hit man at State. His job was to stomp on intellignece that was against the adiministrations claims.

    Medal of honor in his future…………probably.

    Was Rove Plamegate? Yeah most likely as a foil for Chaney the inivsable.

    Look to attrition in the intel community. Look at what we lost.

    Also consider that the us sits on tons of intell that has yet to be transalated, cause the us has this ……..prejudice……….about other faiths.

    The division between church and state is becomming blurred. HELP

  8. Sam

    I wish I could be there in Spetember but it doesn’t look possible… however, I’d love to get a first hand report from you.

    You’re not alone out here… there’s lot’s of us who are fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore. So stick around because there are quite a few of us here who feel the same way!