John Kerry on the Recess Appointment of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

For Immediate Release:
Statement by John Kerry on Recess Appointment of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

“The president has the right to make this recess appointment, but it’s the wrong decision. It only diminishes John Bolton’s validity and leverage to secure America’s goals at the U.N.

“John Bolton has been rejected twice by the Senate to serve as our Ambassador to the United Nations. This is not the way to fill our most important diplomatic jobs.”

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88 Responses to John Kerry on the Recess Appointment of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

  1. Fritz says:

    Your French heritage matters in policy making decisions? I could careless that my family traveled to this country from Germany in the early 1800’s. I’m glad they forced Wisconsin to be english first before they were admitted to the Union. I am an American and nothing you could say about Germans would ever offend me, I’m not one.

  2. Ron Chusid says:


    If Bush had a better plan for taking on al Qaeda, that would be one thing. However, he had no plan. Prior to 9/11 he ignored them. Post 9/11 he attacked them briefly, then left and followed a course which has made al Qaeda stronger.

    As for the Clinton Administration’s plan–it was a real plan. You just feel compelled to deny it as the existence of the plan contradicts your political beliefs. Your game is clearly to ignore any facts which prove your beliefs are mistaken.

  3. Fritz says:

    Krugman cherry picks data and uses his auspices of Princeton economics professor to make partisan attacks. He is as reliable as Joe Wilson. Steve Gleesman is a democrat, but his work at CNBC is authentic and reliable, he is honest, Krugman is a hack.

  4. Ron Chusid says:


    Krugman is definately partisan, but that doesn’t mean he conclusions aren’t necessarily valid.

    As for Wilson, again you just repeating the right wing talking points. All the right wing attacks on his credibility have been refuted. This is standard right wing procedure. Someone exposes them and they invent things to discredit them.

    I rarely watch CNBC so I can’t comment on Gleesman.

  5. Fritz says:

    DSM, Bin Laden Wants to Attack America, Clarke memo, Joe Wilson make great political theater, but headlines don’t make it substitutive. President Clinton himself in the 9/11 report had to back away from many operational plans to attack because of diplomacy considerations. Bin Laden wanted us to get into a protracted war because he feels democracy is weak. If busting up a hornets nest is reason to surrender, that is why your Party is not in power. Marjorie, that reality is your disbelief.

  6. Fritz

    Unlike you, I don’t insult other countries. I do admit to relishing insulting Bush and his cronies, but I have no issues with France or any other country in the world that sees through Bush’s bullshit! That’s it in a nutshell.

    Maybe you don’t care about your heritage but I do care about mine. So next time you want to start blaming some other country for the mess Bush has gotten us into think long and hard about it.

    Bolton is nightmare for the U.N. That’s a damn understatement. he’s a bully and thug, he lied to Congress over and over again. Bush pulled a typical spoiled child manuever on this. It’s shameful and sorry ass excuse for diplomacy.

    Your golden boy has wrecked more havoc on this country than any president in history. Quite honestly Fritz, anyone who believes any of his lies and manipulations at this point is as big a dufus as him!

  7. Fritz,

    By the way, Krugman and his cherry picked data on the economy…

    Krugman is not afraid to speak ther truth. THE ECONOMY SUCKS! Retail sales are down, production is down. We’re in the midst of nationwide/global heatwave that is pinching the pockets of the poor. Millions of people in this country are without healthcare. Bush has found more ways to pollute this country everyday.

    People are hurting. Maybe not those who make a decent salary like you Fritz, but the little people are suffering and I’m sick and tired of the Orwellian crap that the economy is getting better, cause it ain’t!

  8. Fritz says:

    Wilson is one cog in a mammoth operation, you allow his minor belief to be political truth, even-though his information did not change CIA agency consensus, that is the only fact that matters.

    72 million people in this world are richer than the average American, yet 6 billion are poorer. Krugman would never point that out.

  9. Fritz,

    “Bin Laden wanted us to get into a protracted war because he feels democracy is weak.”

    Where the F is bin Laden? Eh? Hiding in the bunker with Dick?

    My disbelief is that you have the audacity to continue insulting people here!

  10. Fritz

    Bush lied about what Wilson uncovered. That’s why the CIA agency consensus did not change. BUSH LIED! BUSH LIED AND PEOPLE DIED!

  11. Ron Chusid says:


    What planet are you on? Wilson’s information is just one small piece of information which shows that Bush lied to get us into a war with Iraq. There has also been considerable evidence that many in the CIA felt the same, and that Bush was distorting their intelligence to make his case.

    Your comment on Krugman is rather meaningless and does nothing to refute the many excellent criticisms he has made of Bush Administration policy.

  12. Ron

    Just today Krugman had another excellent criticism of Bush –

  13. Fritz says:

    Go ahead and take us back to the days were Administrations could cherry pick intelligence, Gulf of Tonkin. Our government forces itself to direct the executive branch on Agency consensus to maintain transparency. Just like Bolton only spoke the Agency rhetoric, the same holds true for the President. Your gripes are with the failures of the agency.

  14. Fritz says:

    I’m still waiting for Krugman to prove that the $600 rebate checks were taxable and that any family that received one, wasn’t $600 richer.

  15. Fritz

    I believe the gripes here are against the failures of a president, his cabinet and all the rest of the minions serving him. Furthermore Fritz more and more people daily are waking up to the failures of the Bush administration.

  16. Fritz

    I’m still waiting for my $600 tax rebate. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Not every family got the sticking tax rebate that Bush promised. That is a proven fact.

  17. Fritz says:

    Krugman: But pharmaceutical companies got measures that protect and extend their monopoly rights in Central America.

    Why shouldn’t American intellectual property rights be protected? Why should the world not have to pay for excellent US goods? You guys want our industries to flourish, we are the drug producers of the world, why should we allow foreign governments to steal those innovations?

  18. Ron Chusid says:


    If you like Krugman, I bet you’ll also like this recent one from Molly Ivans:

  19. Fritz says:

    The rebate was given to any family of $12,000 or greater taxable income, and Congress extended it to those who didn’t in 2000, but did in 2001. Median income is $35,000, all taxpayers received a rebate.

  20. Fritz

    Afghanistan and Columbia are the drug producers of the world. We help them too don’t we!

    Why is it that the same drugs we make here can be bought cheaper in Canada and other countries? Why is it that those drugs are made in plants owned by the actual manufacturers in other countries and yet WE pay more here?

    Why Fritz? Should we pay more for our excellent goods than others do? Why is it the oil companies in the US have seen their largest profits ever and yet we are paying more at the pumps?

    And why Fritz, are the oil companies in Yexas allowed to create the worst pollution in this country with no restrictions?

    Why Fritz? Why?

    Why should ALL prosper Fritz, instead of a select few?

  21. Fritz says:

    It is a subscription, I will look for it, but I love Molly, she is too funny!

  22. Ron Chusid says:


    What are the specifics? Certainly the drug companies should be able to profit from their innovations, and I would agree with assisting them in cases of places which immediately copy their work. However I deal with the pharmaceutical industry on a daily basis and have found their credibility to be quite low. If they are trying to further extend their rights to a drug longer than is current here, I’m not too sympathetic to them.

    (I write this shortly after eating one of the chocolate chip cookies left by a drug rep earlier today.)

  23. Fritz

    Like I said I didn’t get mine. Why? Fritz? Why? Because married couple get more tax breaks than single parents. Too bad isn’t it. Those who need it most, suffer most. That’s the Bush way!

  24. Ron

    LOL! My pocket has definately been picked!

  25. Fritz says:

    The actual manufacture of a drug is nothing, not even a penny a pill. What I object to, is why doesn’t WTO prohibit foreign government negotiated drug prices? Canada and the rest of the common market, force exclusive price deals at the expense of Americans. One of our single biggest exports is medical care, because we are the best at it.

  26. Ron

    Share the cookies!

    I would trust your first-hand knowledge of the pharm companies.

  27. Fritz

    Here in America we get to pay for the research, et al and the lobbyist, etc. That is tacked on to the drug prices here. We pay for it, so other countries get it cheaper. That makes me proud to be an American. Yep! Fatten up those lobbyists and the researchers who push through medicines that are BAD for us. Oh yes. Fatten up everyone who fills the Bush coffers.

  28. Fritz says:

    I have to leave. I will check back. Patent laws have an economic value. Compounds unfortunately can be copied. Closed source by Microsoft is better than a patent. I am a free-enterprise capitalist, so that everyone gets laid. The world pays the same for Coke, why not Crestor?

  29. Hey Fritz as long as you are getting rich. why worry about others. Ah yes the Republican way…

  30. Ron Chusid says:


    Yes, drug companies do pay a lot for research. I’d even agree with Fritz, up to a point, that they deserve to be rewarded financially for the research.

    However, their research expenses are not as great as they spend on marketing (such as bringing in those chocolate chip cookies mentioned above, or sending out tons of reps to claim that there are no cardiac side effects from Vioxx).

    Another area where the research argument is weak is that much of the pharmaceutical research dollars aren’t spent on breakthroughs, but on copy cat drugs which don’t do anything more than what is already on the market.

  31. Ron

    Thanks, I was busy ranting and forgot about the marketing expenses. Yes, you Dr’s do get lot’s of goodies from your Reps. I used to work for my Dr about 10 years ago and it was amazing the gifts the Reps would bring.

  32. Ron Chusid says:


    They’ve cracked down on gifts and drug companies can no longer give much of financial value. However they still spend a fortune on sending out the reps (often multiple ones for the same drug in the same area), bringing in meals, and tons of glossy ad material which is thrown in the garbage upon receipt.

  33. Ron

    What amazes me is how they hold on to some drugs for so long that are viable over the counter meds and then the price difference when the become over the counter is astounding. Claritan is prime example.

  34. Ron

    I guess it must have been time for Dr Phil… Fritz left in a hurry. LOL!

  35. Ron Chusid says:


    That gets back to the fact that cost to manufacture a pill is a small amount of the sale price. When prescription, they charge a fortune as insurance companies are paying the bill and because they have less competition. When selling over the counter, they have to lower the price so people can (and will) pay out of their own pocket.

  36. Ron

    Yes, but pity those without insurance who pay that higher price for the prescriptions because of that reasoning.

  37. Ron Chusid says:


    Some who are uninsured manage to avoid paying the full price through various discount and patient assistance programs or receiving samples, but many others get screwed.

  38. Ron

    Samples are nice.