Peter Daou Disputes Jeff Gannon on Wilson/Kerry

Peter Daou of The Daou Report has posted this dispute of Jeff Gannon’s insinuation that the Kerry campaign cut Joe Wilson loose during the campaign. Gannon’s insinuation was picked up by Robert Novak in his column a few days ago.

Fact-checking Jeff Gannon on Wilson/Kerry — Jeff Gannon writes on his blog: “So potent is the story I wrote last year posts [sic] about the Kerry campaign cutting Joe Wilson loose that when columnist Robert Novak referenced it a few days ago, liberal talking points were released in an effort to refute it. A pair of “journalists” took to the task of rewriting history, one of them being Tim Grieve at Peter Daou, who worked on Kerry’s site, denied that the campaign was consciously distancing itself from the disgraced diplomat.” Gannon goes on to write that “the online community was abuzz about how completely any reference to Wilson had been scrubbed from the Kerry site.”

Gannon’s insinuations to the contrary notwithstanding, there appears to be only one piece of evidence cited to support the contention that Joe Wilson was “discarded” from the Kerry campaign, namely, that (Wilson’s page endorsing Kerry during the Democratic primaries) no longer appeared on the Kerry campaign site after April 2004. But as I explained when asked about the missing page by journalist Robert Parry, Wilson’s page was one of many that didn’t make it into the newly redesigned – and evolving – general election website…

I first became aware of the missing page in April 2004, when Wilson’s Politics of Truth was released. As the liaison between the Internet and Communications teams, I searched the newly redesigned Kerry site for references to Wilson. I was told by the senior Kerry web development team that as we moved into the general election campaign, many early primary endorsement pages and issues-oriented pages were rendered obsolete by Kerry’s primary victory and were being removed or revamped as the site was updated for the fall campaign.

In fact, in response to my request, the web team created a new page with the text of Wilson’s endorsement letter in the event that Wilson’s publishers wanted to link to a page with the Kerry site’s new design elements. The web address for that new page contradicts the notion that the campaign was distancing itself from Wilson by removing website references: Hardly a repudiation of Wilson.

As I told Robert Parry, I was given no directive from senior communications or foreign policy staff to “discard” Joe Wilson, and the demise of was, to the great disappointment of Gannon, Novak, and other Wilson detractors, an innocuous outcome of Kerry winning the Democratic nomination.

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6 Responses to Peter Daou Disputes Jeff Gannon on Wilson/Kerry

  1. Tom Twain says:

    These guys only know how to lie. I don’t think they know what the truth is. I haven’t seen a cess pool like this since Nixon. I have it from a good source that Bob Novak is Allen Funt’s evil twin, Karl Rove is really the Pillsbury Doughboy, and that Karl Rove got Gannon a job as a fruit turnover in one of his commercials….

  2. Ron Chusid says:

    Speaking of Novak, Media Matters has the video of him walking off the set at CNN today.

    I think they do know what the truth is. They just think that they can get away with more if they ignore the truth and say what they want.

  3. Ron Chusid says:

    Update: Novak has been suspended by CNN

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now the question is, when will CNN suspend the rest of the Con shills it employs?

  5. Hi Tom

    Thanks for stopping by the DemDaily. Love your blog. It’s pretty disgusting isn’t it all. Worse than Watergate at this point is an understatement!

  6. dr rw says:

    Re: lack of truthfulness of neocon bast**rds.

    Well, you know they couldn’t come out and say, right at the beginning of bushco’s presidency that:
    1. we intend to facilitate a big terrorist attack to get all you sheeple motivated to go to war.
    2. we intend to invade Afghanistan so we can build an oil pipeline.
    3. we intend to invade Iraq so we can get their oil and use it as a base to conquer all of the middle east (for their own good, of course) but really…. for the oil.
    4. we intend to control the world because we are better than all others and we ‘know’ better…. and we want to keep driving our humvee’s.
    5. we intend to create a fascist state here in the US because we don’t want any dissent. We wrote the Patriot Act in just three weeks after 9/11 to begin that process.
    6. we’ve built camps at our old military bases just for those of you who still want to complain.
    7. Oh, and we intend to continue to control the main stream media so you can all learn about the ‘runaway bride’ and ‘Michael Jackson’…. but not about anything else.
    8. we intend to facilitate another big terrorist attack (maybe sacrifice a medium size coastal city with a nuke) so we can get American sheep bleeting again and justify nuking Iran (underground nukes, of course, so we don’t hurt anybody…..) and declare martial law at home… and turn off the internet so you won’t know anything and can’t communicate anything.

    Oh, yes, the American’s would have really gone along with all that shit if the neocons had told the truth. Fact is, they did tell it through the PNAC. But most of the sheeple aren’t smart enough to read.