Denial of Eucharist, A Litmus Test for Catholic Judges Who Uphold Roe v Wade?

Christopher D. Morris is a writer and critic from VT, makes a healthy argument about why the “Catholic bishops threatened to exclude Senator John Kerry from the Eucharist because of his support for Roe v. Wade” should be asked “whether the same threats would apply to Supreme Court nominee Judge Roberts, if he were to vote to uphold Roe v. Wade.” Continue reading

John Kerry on the Energy Bill: “The President’s Own Economists Found That This Policy Will Cause Foreign Oil Imports to Increase”

The President’s own economists found that this policy will cause foreign oil imports to increase, and it will only have a ‘negligible’ impact on gas prices.
Its greatest failure is that it ignores our dependence on foreign oil and how that entangles us with nations who would do us harm. Continue reading

N.Y. Republican Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro to Oppose Hillary Clinton in Senate Race

Jeanine Pirro, a high-profile Republican prosecutor from New York City, announced Monday she will seek the Republican nomination to challenge Hillary Rodham Clinton in her bid for re-election next year.

I personally tend to avoid commenting on Democrats in office, but personally I’m not thrilled with Hillary’s focus on running for President in 2008, at a time when we should all be putting our energies in 2006. It appears Ms. Pirro takes exception to that as well… Continue reading