Its Not What you Eat, Its What You Read: How 2 Local Newspapers Make Me Sick

First up: The Washington Post Outlook Section. Why is it that the one region of the country that decided it would rather split up the US (in order to preserve the undemocratic practice of slavery) than stay here and improve this democracy, gets to choose the president? That’s what the media seems to think. Of course, any Democrat who wins the four MidWest states and the 12 NE states that Kerry won wins 175 electoral votes beats out the 12 southern states and its 161 EVs. Yes the last 3 Dem president were southerners. But let’s not forget that:

1.) LBJ (a southern liberal) only became president becuase JFK died and LBJ went to his grave thinking the country would never elect anybody from the South.
2.) Carter was a southern liberal, who was pro-labor, pro-environment while still updating our atiquated energy systems, pro-defense while also spearheading the fight for human rights , and had to work hard to convince the public he was not a southern conservative to get elected. (Carter may have done this too well, remember the “lust in my heart” comment to playboy)?
3.) Neither LBJ, Carter, or Clinton ever won the southern popular vote and both LBJ and Clinton would’ve won in 1964, 1992, and 1996 without winning a single southern state.

So why does the Post waste its time with stories fantasizing about a race between moderate to conservative Democrat Mark Warner vs. conservative Republican George Allen (both from Virginia)? How about a race between Kerry and Mass. governor Mitt Romney? Oh wait, the Post can’t do that, their too busy slobbering over a Hillary run like a child eating baby food. Here’s the link to The Washington Post Outlook Section.

And what of American labor unions? You know, the people who brought you the weekend? From WWII-1970 at least 30% of the workforce was unionized. As late as 1979, 25% of the workforce was unionized. While some of the decline in unions is due to deindustrialization, globalization and other economic trends, you can’t deny that union busting, a flagrant violation of the law on the part of employers and an indifferent to hostile government since 1981 (when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers) has played a major role in deunionization.

Also since the 1970s, when deunionization really got under way, the trend of declining income inequality has been stopped, reversed, and now the gap between the rich and poor (and the gap between the the rich and middle class) has grown to levels not seen since before the Franklin Roosevelt years. Coincidence? Yeah, and Enron’s stock is currnently at $100 a share.

How does the Baltimore Sun react: by saying that workers are too “sophisticated” for unions and their outdated class warfare. Today’s workers understand that work is a “partnership” between management and the workers. American consumers would rather buy from Wal-Mart than Giant and their unionized workforce (which as everybody knows leads to higher prices). Funny, I shop at Safeway and Giant for their low prices and their workers are (gasp) union!!!

So consumers are to blame for deunionization and the fact that Wal-Mart has not been unionized? Hmmm, you don’t think that the Walton family’s decades old hostility to unions and the fact that Wal-Mart threatens to fire anyone who supports union has anything to do with it? No, of course not. Wal-Mart believes in “family values,” its just that unions impose pro-choice and pro-gay rights views on their members, that’s why that workers have turned thier backs on unions.

Interesting. A block of voters that gave 59% of their votes to Kerry (better than any Dem since 1964 except for 1976 Carter (62%) and 2000 Gore (61%) ) must be social parasites. Where Wal-Mart, product of the heartland, land of traditional values, understands the new economy. If you believe any of this crap from the Baltimore Sun, you are either:

a. A right-wing Republican
b. What us children/teens of the 1980s used to call “yuppie scum” or
c. So dumb you make Forest Gump and Archie Bunker look like Rhodes Scholars.

Oh yeah, we might also add that the region of the country that has the highest divorce, child poverty, out-of-wedlock pregnancies (teenage or nonteenage), murder, dropout, and violent crime rates as well as the lowest median household income, lowest rated schools by the US Dept. of Ed: Wal-Mart’s home region, the same one the media thinks should choose our presidential nominees, you know where I’m talking about don’ t you?

Baltimore Sun Link editorial: “Reviving Organized Labor.”

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6 Responses to Its Not What you Eat, Its What You Read: How 2 Local Newspapers Make Me Sick

  1. Nick

    Who wrote that Baltimore Sun editorial, a WalMart exec? I must agree, reading that stuff made me sick!

  2. Nick says:


    The guy who wrote this is Peter Morici, a business professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park.
    Oh god this guy is right by where I work. Funny, the air around my work alwasy felt a little hot, even in winter. I guess I can I say I now know where all the hot air is coming from.

  3. Nick

    LOL! That and Global Warming.

  4. Nick says:

    Don’t worry, our leaders in Congress and the White House just passed an energy bill to wean us off of foreign oil and reduce pollution. We know this because Fox News tells us so. What? What’s that? The new bill will do nothing to reduce our energy dependence or help clean up the environment? Oh, OOPS!!! nevermind.

  5. Nick

    Thankfully we have JK to tell us the truth and we’re here to share the truth.

  6. Nick says:


    That should have been 65% of the union household vote for Kerry; A GREATER PERCENT of their votes than any Dem since 1964.