N.Y. Republican Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro to Oppose Hillary Clinton in Senate Race

Jeanine Pirro, a high-profile Republican prosecutor from New York City, announced Monday she will seek the Republican nomination to challenge Hillary Rodham Clinton in her bid for re-election next year.

I personally tend to avoid commenting on Democrats in office, but personally I’m not thrilled with Hillary’s focus on running for President in 2008, at a time when we should all be putting our energies in 2006. It appears Ms. Pirro takes exception to that as well…

I am running against Hillary Clinton because New York state deserves a senator who will give her all to the people of New York for a full term, who will not miss votes to campaign in (presidential) primaries,” Pirro said in a statement.

“When Mrs. Clinton first came to us and said she wanted to be a New Yorker, she asked New York to put out a welcome mat and we did,” the Westchester County district attorney added. “But now she wants us to re-elect her even though she won’t promise to serve out her term and wants to use us as a springboard to the presidency. She’s asking us to become her doormat. I believe we deserve better.”

There was no immediate comment from Clinton.

Recent national polls have shown the former first lady as the leading contender for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, although Clinton has said she is completely focused on her re-election bid and is not thinking about running for the White House.

Note to Hillary: Nothing is more important at this point than maintaining the seats we have in the Senate and the House in the 2006 election. Let this serve as a wake up call… You’re jumping the gun on 2008! I’ve heard more in recent weeks about Hillary ’08 than Hillary ’06… Keep your eye on the ball, whatever your aspirations are for 2008, they can wait!

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6 Responses to N.Y. Republican Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro to Oppose Hillary Clinton in Senate Race

  1. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    I’m really not a Hillary fan, but honestly, I don’t see how she could lose this. They LOVE her there. But then again it would be terrible to be over-confident… you’re right, she should keep her eye on the ball!!

  2. NativeTexan

    I’m not a Hillary fan either, but all her manuevering for 08 already is a bit much.

  3. Marjorie G says:

    That’s because Bill is a bit much.

  4. Marjorie

    That’s true.

  5. Nick says:

    I hate to sound mean, but for the love of god will some please explain to me why the Democratic Party is thinking about nominating someone who served on Wal-Mart’s board of Directors for 6 years (1986-92), during which time Wal-Mart smashed more union drives than Sammy Sosa hit homers? And has continually distanced herself from liberals? Hillary and Bill both remained good friends with the Walton family for decades and even got campaign contributions from them. If you want Wal-Mart to run the country, let me suggest another party for you: It’s called the Republican Party. Yeah they’re kinda closed minded and don’t care about the rest of the world-and won’t care about you if you make less than six figures. But if you like Wal-Mart and its low prices (and even lower quality salaries, benefits, and working conditions) the GOP is for you.

  6. Nick

    I’m clueless. Really I am. People need to wake up. We need to wake them up!

    I woke up right before the sonic boom this morning when the shuttle landed. It was very cool. I turned on the tv and there it was coming in for a landing moments later. A friend told me he saw it from his balcony. So that’s it in a nutshell. We need a sonic boom. Not a terrorist attack but a large sonic boom to wake people from their sleep!