Senators John Kerry and John McCain Share Stories of Inspiration in Their Battles with Cancer


The Lance Armstrong Foundation Encourages Everyone to Share Their Story to Help People Living With Cancer Live Strong

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Senator John McCain of Arizona, two of the nation’s most high profile Senators and cancer survivors, join the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) in the fight against cancer by posting their personal stories about living with cancer at

The postings are part of the LAF’s Unity Is Strength campaign to help people living with cancer get the emotional and practical support they need to live strong. The LAF invites people who have been affected by cancer – as patients, doctors, caregivers or through family and friends – to share their stories at Stories of unity, knowledge and attitude help channel energy, hope, information and inspiration to the more than 10 million people living with cancer.

Just as he was beginning his presidential campaign, Senator Kerry, 61, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After surgery in 2003, he is now cancer-free. “The Lance Armstrong Foundation believes that while you can get cancer out of your body, the lessons never leave your life,” said Senator Kerry. “I know how true this is. My brush with prostate cancer reminded me how lucky I was, and that too many people aren’t as lucky. I share my story because I know how important it is to pass experience and practical advice on to others battling cancer.”

Senator McCain, 68, is a melanoma survivor, having been diagnosed in 2000. Senator McCain is cancer-free today as well. “Lance Armstrong has been instrumental in demonstrating to people affected by cancer that fighting not just the disease but the fear and isolation is paramount,” said Senator McCain. “When people realize they are not alone, they gain the strength to handle the obstacles they face when their lives are affected by cancer. That sense of unity is a powerful tool.”

John Kerry’s Story

I am a cancer survivor.
My story is about Unity.

To me, live strong means living up to your responsibility as a survivor to help others, in whatever way you can. MORE

John McCain’s Story

I am a cancer survivor.
My story is about Attitude.

To me, live strong means to leave defeatism behind the moment you get your diagnosis. I was lucky enough to learn at an early age that misfortune doesn’t determine your fate. MORE

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