Global Warming is Real (We already know that!)

More evidence of faulty data proves that Global Warming is real. For years skeptics using satellite and weather balloon data have made claims that it is not. These claims have been proven to be erroneous.

Now, according to three new studies published in the journal Science, it turns out those conclusions based on satellite and weather balloon data were based on faulty analyses.

The atmosphere is indeed warming, not cooling as the data previously showed.

In Aspen, CO residents are taking their own action against Global Warming. From Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and

As America swelters under record heat and Congress responds with an energy bill that does nothing to address global warming, all of us have a responsibility to take up the battle in our own communities. And that is exactly what the citizens of Colorado are doing. They are taking the global warming fight local. Unhappy with the lackluster progress by their state legislature to wean the state off of big polluting power plants, this past November Coloradans crafted and passed a ballot initiative requiring utilities to generate 10% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2015.

In Aspen, community leaders enacted a “carbon tax” to encourage new homebuilders to build smart. Homes that waste energy are charged a fee. Over 3 million dollars have been raised by the tax so far. The city invests all proceeds in programs to promote and develop new, clean, renewable energy.

Read more about the great efforts in Colorado here.

Join the StopGlobalWarming March here.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be speaking at the Sierra Summit on Saturday September 10th. Find out more here.

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2 Responses to Global Warming is Real (We already know that!)

  1. janet says:

    Been to Glacier Park in Montana lately?? It won’t be long before the name will have to be changed. And not only that but people on my street are beginning to plant palm trees. There is even this guy down the street who has a huge banana tree. I’m serious and this is Seattle!!

  2. kj says:

    janet, banana trees in Seattle? good grief!