Max Cleland: “There’s a lot of support for Kerry”

Hat tip to MH of Freedom’sFire for this nugget from Roger Friedman’s review of the release of Miramax’s “The Great Raid” on Fox News:

Last night Miramax gave “The Great Raid” a premiere on the USS Intrepid, docked off Manhattan’s West Side.

Former U.S. senator from Georgia Max Cleland, a real American hero, was the guest of honor. He spoke eloquently from his wheelchair after telling me that he would back Sen. John Kerry in another run for the presidency in 2008.

“There’s a lot of support for Kerry, and we’ll get it right this time,” he said.

NOTE: I recently posted a fundraising email from John Kerry’s Keeping America’s Promise PAC. The email noted that Kerry’s email list has now grown to 5 million.

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29 Responses to Max Cleland: “There’s a lot of support for Kerry”

  1. MH says:

    Now I want to go see that movie, too! Even if it is Fox saying it’s good.

  2. MH

    Sounds like a good one to me!

  3. kj says:

    I love Max Cleland. LOVE MAX. {{{Max}}} (He was my pick for VP)

  4. Teresa says:

    My, my, my, my. Me oh my. Kerry and his loyalty.
    This is the softest sweetest thing I’ve heard in ages. These men love each other. And we love them both.
    I’m starting to feel a President Kerry.

  5. Teresa says:

    Thanks so very, very much MH.

  6. NativeTexan4Kerry says:


  7. Teresa

    JK does inspire a lovely sense of loyalty in so many. It’s wonderful. Max is the best.

  8. MH says:

    Teresa, you’re welcome!


    The loyalty is one of the things I’ve noticed about Kerry. I think as long as powerful idiots in the party don’t find a way to undercut him, JK is going to be hard to beat next time, because so many more people have gotten to know the real John Kerry now.

  9. Teresa says:

    I believe you are right, MH. I’ve thought for a long time it would be Kerry next. There is no one else. The support will swell like the last time and go beyond.

  10. Indie Liberal says:

    Shhh! Don’t let the other candidates’ supporters know. They can get hostile at times. Hee, hee!

  11. Indie Liberal says:

    I agree MH and Teresa.

  12. I guess Fox can refer to Max as a real American hero now for a bit instead of smearing and trashing him since their GA chicken-hawk was elected to the senate in 2002 and their prez chicken-hawk got in again in 2004.

    Max was out here on 7/28 for a Veterans for Corzine rally. Max was great as usual and really on fire!!! As it turned out, Jon Corzine didn’t make it(stuck in DC for a vote) and had to speak by hook up via phone.

    Was really glad my son and a friend got to see Max in person since neither had the opportunity earlier. Unfortunately, my kid hadn’t seen Corzine yet and is heading back to DC shortly, so probably won’t have another chance before the 11/8 election. Oh well…

  13. Indie

    Yes… we must be hush… Teresa is right the support will swell. It already is.

  14. Dave from Princeton

    You know I never got to meet Max while in NH. I think I may have been the only one of the KFF’s who was there who did not meet him. The tide seems to be changing in many ways… let it continue…

  15. Indie Liberal says:

    I agree Pam, but one small problem:

    How is Kerry going to erase that myth that Senators can’t win the presidency? I know some Dems are pushing for governors to run this time also?

    Isn’t DLCC the same as DLC?

  16. Indie

    The DLC is the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLCC is the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. It’s State level legislators.

    As for the myths… well myths in my eyes are myths and while we learn from them, they certainly don’t set precedent for anything. We had a myth the Red Sox would never win the World Series.

    JK is moving along doing what JK does best and his support is growing despite what others may say. Those of us who believe in him will continue to do what we do, it will all fall into place.

  17. Indie

    That’s my Zen, mythos theory above. As much as we all wanted a different outcome in Nov, all is as it is supposed to be in the grand scheme of things. Sad but true. We’re all here together for a reason, that too is as it is supposed to be. 🙂

  18. Indie Liberal says:

    I was at an urban forum and we were have a small talk about Hillary’s chances and how she is a senator, like Kerry and saying that Senators don’t make good candidates, but I would rather focus on 2006. Nobody knows what the political landscape is going to look like three years from now.

    Thanks for clearing that up Pam.

  19. Teresa says:

    I believe Kerry is laying the groundwork for not only the ’08 campaign but popular support from the whole country in his Presidency in the face of all the difficulties we have ahead and how much reparation there is to do.

    I’ve never questioned the fact that Kerry would be our 44th President and that he would be one of the most loved in history. He reminds me so much of Abraham Lincoln. But he will be even better.

  20. Teresa

    I love your faith. I just finished reading what the fool in chief said about Iran last night. What were people thinking who voted for him? There is so reparation to do. No one is more qualified to that work than JK. This I too believe. People are seeing the truth, Kerry was right. The media is saying it, America is waking up to the horrible blunder of Bush.

  21. Indie

    Remind those peolpe that JK got more votes than Bill. It wasn’t about ABB it was about JK.

  22. Nick says:


    Also keep in mind that for all of Clinton’s connection to “average Americans” it should be noted that Kerry won a greater majority of the vote from voters in households making 0-$15,000, $15,000-$30,000, AND from voters making $30,000-$50,000 than Clinton ever did (or for that matter, any Democrat since the 1970s).
    Bottom line: Kerry won a greater percent of votes from the poor, working, and middle class than Clinton ever did. Too bad that while the $50,000 and under crowd are nearly 60% of households, they were only 45% of the voting electorate.
    Oh yeah, Kerry’s 48.3% of the vote is nearly identical to Gore (48.4%) only .8% less than Clinton in 1996 (49.1%) and 5% MORE than Clinton’s 43% of the vote in 1992. Kerry also won a majority of the popular vote in every single state he won.
    I know what some Clintonites will say: “But Clinton had Perot to deal with. His vote totals would be better if Perot wasn’t there.” True, but anybody who wants to claim Bill is a “political genius” while accusing Kerry of being inferior has to answer this question: “if Clinton is such a genius, and if most of the Perot vote were Clinton votes, then why couldn’t this political genius convince voters to vote for him?”
    What’s more, Dubya (and Karl Rove) ran a far superior campaign to the GOP in the 1990s. Clinton never ran against an opponent who ran a campaign that was worth a damn. Sure Dems have had candidates who ran pretty bad campaigns (McGovern in 1972, Dukakis in 1988), but I’ll bet anybody $1,000 that if you looked up the term “lackluster campaign” you would find “Bush 1992 campaign” and/or “Dole 1996 campaign” in the definition.

  23. LOL! Good points, Nick!

  24. Teresa says:

    Keep in mind that the $50,000 and under crowd might be growing or the at least the number will have to be raised to indicate working class and that they might have more reasons to vote in the next election.

  25. kj says:

    It’s such a relief to come here, you know? 🙂

    Dave, I’m thrilled to bits to learn that Max Cleland is still out and about speaking… I think I hung on his every word during the campaign. I just love the guy, as do so many others.

    As for Kerry, I agree with all of you above. He is the one, there is no one else that’s near ready. My husband, bless him, had the best attitude after the election… he kept telling me, “Good. Kerry won’t be saddled with GWB’s war or GWB’s mess.” Hard to hear at the time, but I believe it now.

  26. Todd says:


    Cleland is a great speaker. First time I heard him speak? He gave my high school’s commencement address when first running for Secretary of State in Georgia back in the 80’s. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

  27. Teresa says:

    With a Kerry administration, Max will have a great job and we will see a lot more if him.

    The more I watch this, the more I, too, am so glad Kerry didn’t become President just yet. The situation had to deteriorate more before he came to the rescue, and he will be clean and free of responsibility for this predicament, and better able to help us out.

  28. Indie Liberal says:

    Pamela Leavey Says:

    Remind those peolpe that JK got more votes than Bill. It wasn’t about ABB it was about JK.

    I will, but it won’t be easy.

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