Democrats Demand Conditions on Social Security, Bush Talks War

Earlier today I posted the text of John Kerry’s Democratic Hispanic Radio Address and a link to the audio. John Kerry wasn’t the only Democrat talking about Social Security today, Reps. John Salazar and Nancy Pelosi both spoke out today, as well. However, he would change Social Security as we know it, chose to speak of something else in his Radio Address today (more on that below).

On the eve of Social Security’s 70th anniversary, Democrats said on Saturday they are ready to move toward revamping the financially troubled retirement program but warned against stripping away benefits to retirees and relying on private accounts for funding.

We have a moral obligation to stand up and protect Social Security for the next 70 years and beyond — that means stopping privatization and dropping partisan demands for private accounts,” said Rep. John Salazar, a Colorado Democrat, in his response to President George W. Bush’s radio address.

It has never been a day late or a dollar short,” Salazar said. “But now, that guaranteed benefit is being threatened by a fabricated crisis and a false solution.”

Social Security has never failed to pay promised benefits, and Democrats will fight to make sure that Republicans do not turn a guaranteed benefit into a guaranteed gamble,” said House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

“Democrats stand ready to address the challenges facing Social Security’s solvency, but this cannot begin until Republicans begin talking about ways to make Social Security stronger, not weaker,” she said.

It’s the norm for reporters to call the Democratic Radio Address the “response” to the Bush Radio Address, however, George W. Bush chose not to speak of Social Security in his Radio Address today. There was a nary a mention of the issue that he has claimed so critically needs reform. Yet, Bush’s support for reforming Social Security has fallen by the wayside and he currently has Gold Star Mom with supporters camped outside of his Crawford ranch demanding an audience.

Rather than do the right thing and have a face to face with Cindy Sheehan, Bush chose today use his radio time to reiterate his “stay the course” plan.

Bush’s approval ratings continue to plummet. The public is anxious about both the economy and the Iraq war. Some analysts suggest that Bush’s low approval ratings on the economy may actually be because of insistence on talking about “a Social Security crisis.”

While the economy may be improving for those in the upper income brackets, it sure looks bleak for the low and middle income brackets. As gas prices continue to rise, American’s continue to express their concerns about Bush’s policies.

“Stay the course”, Mr President, please “stay the course”… you’re proving daily to America just how out of touch and most Republicans really are.

2006 here we come…

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8 Responses to Democrats Demand Conditions on Social Security, Bush Talks War

  1. Ginny in Co says:

    Hi Pam,

    Some great posts last 2 days. Congrats to you and Ron for the #s and the National News 🙂

    It has a weird effect to read the posts on Kerry’s actiities, e mail list to 5 million, and a FOX reporter
    quoting Max (” a true hero”!!!) praising Kerry and then the post with “he’s HISTORY”. Guess some people have been taking vacations on Mars, Venus. And Hillary again. Like there aren’t more important issues to write about. The Pre$$ at it’s …

    I just figure when the time comes, a lot of people will probably be a bit surprised at the support he has.
    And I think he is getting more comfortable with the press and meeting with people.

    Wise Ass is written, typing is slow. Probably Monday. I plan to email you and Ron. G

  2. Ginny

    Thanks! It appears we’re drawing some attention. Even some from a real live wise ass in the Montana thread.

    I’m looking forward to reading and posting Wise Ass…

    I’m not sure where Ron is this weekend.. are you out there Ron?

    Speaking of vacations I read that Bill and Hill were on Cape Cod. Nantucket residents were not impressed, the article said.

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Maybe Ron had too many appletini’s….:)

  4. Ginny

    I was waiting for the Ron entertainment thread this weekend. Speaking of entertainment, I am going to an LA area bloggers BBQ tomorrow. Should be interesting. Will fill everyone in when I get back, if I don’t have to many whines.

  5. Teresa says:

    Oh, that sounds like fun, Pamela! Bottoms up, and I’m anxious to get the report!

  6. Ginny in Co says:

    Definitely want that report, whines and all 🙂

    Are you taking fresh strawberries in wine? Oh, yeah, they’re out of season…

  7. Ginny

    No strawberries… knowing me, no wine either… I’ll be just listening to the whines…

  8. kj says:

    Yes Pamela, we’ll want all the details, strawberry seeds and all.