“I’m So Sorry” — Show It — Meet With Cindy!

Newsweek has a story about how Bush deals with grieving families. “I’m so sorry“, is a portrait of man conflicted about the consequences of the Iraq war. Yet, the question looms…

If George W. Bush makes a point to meet with and grieve with families who have lost their loved ones in Iraq, WHY, WHY, won’t he meet with Cindy Sheehan, who is camped outside of his ranch in Crawford.

Newsweek reports that Bush has met with “900 family members of some 270 soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan”, so why not meet with another?

Your golden opportunity, George W, is camped outside your door… Show the world how truly sorry you are… Meet with Cindy.

The world is watching as you shun this Gold Star Mom. The words “I’m so sorry”, ring hollow if you can’t find the courage to face the most public of grieving parents. Your sorrow grows more meaningless as the days go by, that Cindy Sheehan camps on your doorstep.

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One Response to “I’m So Sorry” — Show It — Meet With Cindy!

  1. janet says:

    But Bush won’t meet with or talk to people he considers disloyal or contrary. He keeps these people out of his events–both before and after the election. Frankly, it is a strange feeling to me to think that my president hates me and would never want to talk to me or my family even though we are Americans. I never felt that way about Reagan. I would never be allowed in one of Bush’s events. You know, Truman visited Helena, Montana once and the only jeweler in town made him some pieces out of yogo sapphires as a gift. That jeweler was anti-Truman and a staunch republican but it didn’t matter because it was an event to have the President of the US visit and he considered it an honor to make the gift. That jeweler was my father-in-law. Bush would never even accept a gift from a non-supporter because he would never allow the person near him. How sad for our nation.