USDA Finds Over 1,000 Violations of Mad Cow Rules

I’m mad… MADMADMAD… I just ate a hamburger for dinner and for dessert, I read this:

USDA finds 1,000 violations of mad cow rules

Federal food safety inspectors found more than 1,000 instances since 2004 where U.S. meat plants cut corners or violated regulations aimed at preventing the spread of mad cow disease, the U.S. Agriculture Department said Monday.

The USDA said it released documents to the American Meat Institute and the consumer group Public Citizen showing that federal inspectors filed 1,036 noncompliance reports from January 2004 to May 2005 involving the removal of the brain, skull and spinal cord of cattle aged 30 months and older.

The materials are considered to carry the highest risk in spreading the brain-wasting disease, also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). The USDA banned them from the human food supply a few days after the December 2003 discovery of the first U.S. case of mad cow disease in a Washington state dairy cow.

What really gets my goat (no more cow for me… I’m considering becoming a vegetarian actually, thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “Crimes Against Nature”. What corporate meat packers get away with is criminal. Of course they are all big Bush donators… go figure.) about this is that these documents were not even released to the public… it’s another case of the government hiding things from the American public.

The documents were released to the industry and consumer groups in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, and were not made public by the USDA.

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12 Responses to USDA Finds Over 1,000 Violations of Mad Cow Rules

  1. Ginny in Co says:


    What is really maddening to me is that health care is getting hit with all kinds of
    forms to gather statistics that are published quarterly in the newspapers and schools have to do all this BS testing to keep their ever shrinking Federal $$ coming.

    Hmmm, government health care programs are too expensive and schools need to be turned over to private enterprise. Lets hamper them with the bad statistics but leave the freely enterprising meat producers with their sacred cows.

    Sounds like a Grover Norquist line of thought to me.

  2. Dave says:

    “What is really maddening to me is…”

    Was that a pun?

  3. Ginny in Co says:

    GIven my family’s adoration and extensive use of puns…. I think it’s second nature.
    I find them in my writing a lot – very unintentional. Is that subliminal? 🙂

  4. Malgoska says:

    I understand completely the lack of regulations and the lax enforcement when it comes to anything that might harm a brain. Our present (p)resident of the White House has no such organ, therefore he can eat contaminated beef and get away with it, no harm done.

    Having no brain prevents him from understanding, that many other people posess brains, and mad cow disease is not a joking matter to them. He just likes the big donations from the meat industry. Probably likes them more than beef itself.

    I bet you he serves mad cow steaks at his $20,000 a plate fundraisers, because the health care industry, the big pharma and the funeral moguls have vegetarian $20,000 a plate fundraiser later. I wonder if the veggies are spiced up with heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides to humor the big polluters who come to the next fundraiser with a $20,000 glass of filtered water served in a lead crystal glass…

  5. LW says:

    Sooo… the US Government in association with the Beef producers in the USA worked together to cucify the Canadian beef industry on the basis of one (the original cow) to the tune of several billion dollars, based on the belief that the Canadian beef industry was not safe. All this and now you find out that while the Canadian beef industry has invoked standards that are now the highest in the world, I repeat the WORLD, we find out that our own beef industry has been hiding and deviating and playing withthe rules to allow possible tainted beef to enter the consumer market…. talk about protectionism gone to the extreme and at the possible expense of the publics health. Shameful

  6. It does not seem so long ago, that all veggies were grown organically and our beef, poultry, etc was raised by family farms. The corporate money machine, most recently propelled by BushCo has changed all of that.

    Anone who has not read Kennedy’s Crimes Against nature should. It’s a real eye-opener on the corporate meat packers.

  7. Ginny

    Grover Norquist has far too much influence. From the Noise Machine to the corporate industries, he’s pushing the Bush agenda behind the scenes.

  8. Mark says:

    In the past two years, our media (medical and MSM) have referred to unusual clusters of Kreutzfeld/Jacob (sp?) disease and NOT routinely mentioned in those articles that it is virtually indistinguishable from mad cow disease.

    In addition, there was a beef producer in Texas, I believe, that wanted to test each head of cattle and certify the beef as free of BSE, but the USDA would not permit it. Damn scary. (Sorry, no link.)

    We are lied to every day to protect corporate interests.

    I miss eating steak, but I will not taste it again until I feel safe.

  9. Mark

    It’s rare I buy beef these days and was sorry I did last night, when I read this article. The corporate meat packers have polluted all our meats — pork and poulty are also questionable.

  10. Ginny in Co says:

    Pamela ,

    What really bugs me about Grover is the # of Americans who have no idea who he is, etc. Another omission of the MSM.

    For you and Mark, if you are giving up meat (especially red), be sure you get enough other stuff to replace the nutrients. Protein definitely plus vitamins and minerals which you will probably have use supplements.

    Also check out the natural food markets. California has some of the best laws on labeling consistent with actual practice. We have some really good producers here that
    I trust. As much as concern as I have for the possibility of BSE, the steroids and antibiotics are a reallity in the supermarket stuff. Other options : Game doesn’t have the corn fat or the other chemicals to the extent that domesticated animals do.
    Imported meats may also be safe, Cananda and New Zealand especially.

    And the only place you can get really good pork these days is the US Government….

  11. Also scary is that an estmated 30%, yeah 30%=== of cases of dementia diagnose as Alzheimers are actually—–start teh drumroll— CJD!!!!!!!!!! And, while the exact mechanism of person to person transmission is unknown except in VARIANT cases, the animal to human route is not so well documented, either…in fact, diagnosis in humans must currently be done POST MORTEM!!!

  12. Johnny Raincoat

    More good news about what we eat. What is safe to eat? Does anyone know?