A Look at Cindy Sheehan Vigils Across the Nation

Last night’s vigils for Cindy Sheehan have garnered quite a bit of media attention across the nation. Here’s a sampling of stories:

Boston Globe: Vigils across state, nation back mother of dead soldier

L.A. Times: Soldier’s Mother Inspires Protests Across U.S.

N.Y. Times: Turning Out to Support a Mother’s Protest

USA Today: Candlelight vigils sparked to support anti-war mom

Washington Post: Deploying Cindy’s Antiwar Army
Note: Democratic Daily readers will find mention and quotes from Kerry Blogger Karen Bradley. Read Karen’s report here on the Democracy Cell Project.

Dallas News: Vigils amplify mother’s voice

AP News: Nationwide Vigils Call for End of Iraq War

Capital Times: Protesters hope vigil is a ‘beginning’

Waco Tribune Herald: Anti-war activists hold candlelight vigil in Crawford

San Diego Union Tribune: All focus on supporting Cindy Sheehan’s cause

Denver Post: Colo. vigils offer support for protest at Bush ranch

Hartford Courant: Area Residents Take Stand Against War

Cincinnati Post: Anti-war rally downtown

The Mercury News: East Bay residents light candles for war protester

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Hundreds join vigil for peace

CBC News: Anti-war vigils spread across the U.S.

In the Blogosphere –
The Democratic Daily: The Power of Cindy Sheehan

Democratic Underground: All DU candlelight vigil pictures

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9 Responses to A Look at Cindy Sheehan Vigils Across the Nation

  1. karendc says:

    Thanks, gang over here. I was also on CBS News and Fox (REALLY scary).

    What I learned: We need to stay on message, we need to stay on message, we need to not let the personal attacks on Cindy distract us (or her) from the real issue:

    BUSH LIED. He needs to tell us the truth.

    And where is that exit strategy???

    Come to DC September 24-26. We need a million or more here. I am quite serious.

    Come here.

    Stand up.

    It’s CRITICAL.

  2. Karen

    My friend Mario is planning to come to DC. It doesn’t look good for me to make it, but if I do–got floor?

  3. karendc says:

    always got floor…

  4. karendc says:

    …also couch…

  5. Karen

    Couch is better than floor! Will try… would love to finally meet Dick!

  6. kj says:

    Karen, good luck. I won’t be able to come, either.

    Pamela, Karen’s Dick is a major cutie. The glasses alone… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. karendc says:

    Laughing out loud!

  8. kj says:

    Just read the WaPo piece, awesome lady Karen!

  9. Pamela you might actually be coming to DC? I’ve been thinking I’ll probably make it down for that weekend. If you’ll be there it’s a definite. I got cheated in NH not getting to meet you!

    My son has an apartment in a great location; 5 blocks from the white house(yech currently) and about 3 blocks from Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial etc. If you’ll be down, I’m sure you can crash with us there too if needed(couch or inflatable bed, your choice).