Max Cleland to Deliver Democratic Radio Address Saturday: “The Bush Administration’s Plan for Victory is Not Working”

Max Cleland will be letting it rip in the Democratic Radio Address on Saturday, as this story from Reuters points out:

Ex-US Sen. Cleland urges new strategy on Iraq

The United States needs to either develop a new strategy for winning the war in Iraq or one that would bring American troops home, former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland said on Friday.

The Bush administration’s plan for victory is not working,” said Cleland, who lost three limbs in the Vietnam War and worked for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004.

In remarks prepared for Saturday’s weekly Democratic radio address, which follows Bush’s broadcast message, Cleland blamed Bush for ignoring military planners who called for a larger U.S. combat force to win the war in Iraq and then secure the country.

“The Bush administration needs to step up to the plate. It’s time to face the truth. It’s time for a strategy to win in Iraq or a strategy to get out,” said Cleland, who lost his Senate seat from Georgia in 2002.

Bush has rejected ideas floating in Congress to set a date for the withdrawal of American troops in Iraq, saying it would only encourage insurgents who have waged a bloody campaign with suicide bombers and roadside exploding devices.

More than 1,850 American troops have been killed in Iraq and thousands more wounded. With the U.S. war in Iraq now in its third year, public opinion polls show growing impatience with the combat and pessimism that the United States can win.

Cleland said the war has “completely overextended” the all-volunteer military.

“I learned in Vietnam that the best way to support our troops is to either give them the forces and equipment needed to win or bring them home so we can care for those who have borne the battle,” Cleland said.

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6 Responses to Max Cleland to Deliver Democratic Radio Address Saturday: “The Bush Administration’s Plan for Victory is Not Working”

  1. Ginny in Co says:

    And since we have “completely overextended ” the all volunteer military, the option is to bring them home. Trying to stabilize Iraq enough to protect the country is not going to be feasible. Depending on how many Iraqi’s have been trained, we may have a limited time to keep the terrorists from taking over. Meanwhile, to the best I have seen and heard, our presence is just making it more difficult and deadly for them.

    In the long run, would a second forced exit from this kind of war MAYBE keep us from running pell mell into the third one? How many mentally ill, maimed and dead does it take?

  2. Ginny

    I hope the darn DNC posts this speech tomorrow!

  3. Ginny in Co says:


    What are you doing up??? GO TO BED and get some sleep.. TEN hours at Least.

    Just found this at DU. Even Hagel is saying we should get out.

  4. kj says:

    I love Max. Kerry/Cleland in 2008!!! 😉

  5. KJ

    Did you see Max’s speech above? I am shocked the DNC got it posted on the website. However, Kerry’s speech from last week is not there.

  6. Ginny

    My bad… got a little catch up sleep, which I understand is meaningless. You can’t catch up on lost sleep.