Cindy Sheehan Represents Only a Small Part of America’s Greater Tragedy in Iraq

Eleanor Clift rips Bush in her Newsweek column: — A Historical Footnote

Any other politician who had a Gold Star mother in his driveway would get the cameras rolling, give her a big hug and gain points for compassion. Instead of doing what should come naturally to a democratic leader, President George W. Bush deepened the crisis enveloping his presidency by arrogantly refusing to grant Cindy Sheehan an audience. He may have missed that opportunity for good now that Sheehan has rushed to California to see about her ailing mother.

Before Sheehan left Crawford, Texas, on Thursday, Bush explained to reporters that he needs to get on with his life, a remark stunningly insensitive to the thousands of maimed soldiers returning from Iraq, and the families of the more than 1,800 dead. Cycling, his new exercise narcotic, is important, he went on, because Americans want to know that their president leads a balanced life. No, Mr. President, we just want to know that you’re balanced, period.

NOTE: To be more effective, Clift could have left the snark about Democrats out of her blast against Bush. Readers here will get my point reading Clift’s column.

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8 Responses to Cindy Sheehan Represents Only a Small Part of America’s Greater Tragedy in Iraq

  1. Nancy Miller says:

    What Bush is doing is not so dissimilar to the arrogance and imperious stupidity that took down the French monarchy. Marie Antoinette never actually said “Let them eat cake!”, but the comment was believeable to the French citizenry, given past displays of just such insensitivity coming from their royals.

    Bush’s idiotic response that he ‘..had to get on with his life…” is of the same genre. IF the Democratic party would now like to grow a backbone, and use his remarks, as well as take a real stand AGAINST this war, there would be a response from the public that could easily unseat enough Republicans to give both the House and the Senate back to them. But, it will remain to be seen if they have the cajones to do it.

    Eleanor Clift wasn’t being ‘snarky’ love; the truth is the truth and sometimes it hurts. We the people see it, and are saying it, right now. Go out on the street, and start talking to us mere mortals. You will find that we are all very disappointed in the lack of leadership and resolve that has been coming from the Democratic party. Being ‘in the middle’ or even worse a warhawk, at this time is political suicide. Somebody better tell Hillary and Joe B.

  2. Nancy

    I was referring to Clift’s comments about the Kerry campaign.

    Speaking of turning Bush’s remarks against him: There were many occassions that Kerry used Bush’s remarks against him, most notably, Kerry’s use of “Bring It On”.

    If the Republican Noice Machine drowns out what Kerry and other’s say, which is a well proven fact, then maybe, just maybe, Dems and liberal leaning pundits like Clift should stop with the snark against those speaking out and stand up for them.

    I’m no Hillary or Biden fan, but fact is plently of Dems are speaking out and the MSM ignores it. So too do the Dems who don’t hear the Dem leaders say exactly what they want to hear!

    FYI, I go out on the streets and all over the internet as well. I KNOW what mere mortals are saying and feeling. I also know that many in this country have other concerns beyond the Iraq war and many get that there are Dems in office working on ALL the issues, not just the one issue of the Iraq war.

  3. Marjorie G says:

    I’m with Pamela, as often happens. We experienced the same GOP-Dems bashing Dems throughout the campaign.

    Eleanor Clift is not one of my favorite people. A Dean supporter, she was merciless against Kerry before primary, and never stopped.

    She is a pro, though, and more knowledgeable than many of the new blogs. They mostyly try to establish an audience and credibility by preaching to the converted, stoking rather than help build analytical thinkers.

    The pattern discussed a few threads of purists sensing a window, like the Cindy moment, and continuing to relive the past and blame, working even harder to remain the same on their single issue.

    Self-defeating Dems, the very ones we’re relying on to organize and change, and created and enabled by our very own media. This is my peeve of the week, and maybe lifetime.

  4. Marjorie

    My pet peeve too…

    Can we stop shooting ourselves in the foot long enough to coalesce and take back some control and save the party from going down the damn tubes?

  5. kj says:

    What Marjorie and Pamela said.

  6. KJ

    😉 (winkies aren’t working today?)

  7. kj says:

    😉 how about winkie with hair or a hat? @;-) good night, Gracie!

  8. KJ

    LOL! Our winkies are busted? Hmmm…