National Geographic’s Inside 9/11 and Bush’s Ill Attempt to Memorialize 9/11

National Geographic’s Inside 9/11 premiers tomorrow night at 9:00 est.

From their website: We’ll never forget the day the world changed. Go beyond what has been reported and get a clearer picture of the day that redefined our nation.

Watch the trailer here.

On a related note, the NYTimes has a great editorial about why Bush’s Freedom Walk scheduled for September 11 (starting at the Pentagon and ending at the National Mall with a country music concert), is WRONGMINDED.

Walking the Wrong Way

The event is an ill-considered attempt to link the Iraq war to the terrorist attacks of 2001, and misguided in almost every conceivable way. It also badly misreads the public’s mood. The American people are becoming increasingly skeptical about the war. They want answers to hard questions, not pageantry.

It is perfectly appropriate for the Defense Department to organize a memorial for Americans who died on Sept. 11, since many were Pentagon employees. It is also fine to pay tribute to the sacrifices being made by the troops in Iraq. What is disturbing is the Bush administration’s insistence on combining the two in a politically loaded day of marching and entertainment.

Having failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the administration has been eager to repackage the war as a response to Sept. 11. The Freedom Walk appears to be devised to impress this false connection on the popular imagination.

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2 Responses to National Geographic’s Inside 9/11 and Bush’s Ill Attempt to Memorialize 9/11

  1. Teresa says:

    Very, very, very well put by the NYT. I think the 911 teat has run dry and Bush is sucking air.

  2. Teresa

    LOL! Yes the 911 teat has run dry for W. Thank the goddess!