Inside the Beltway — God’s Politics 101

If you’re not worried about preserving Separation of Church and State, you should be. Thanks to The Statesmanship Institute, the Center for Christian Statesman and Rev. D. James Kennedy the evangelical message is delivered to congressional aides and aspiring young politicians with takeout dinner on a weekly basis. Nearly every … Continue reading

One Smart Veteran

Something to smile about… (via CrooksandLiars, via DU) This is one smart veteran… Bill Moyer, 73, wears a “Bullshit Protector” flap over his ear while President George W. Bush addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

Grooming Politicians for Christ

Grooming Politicians for Christ By Stephanie Simon, Times Staff Writer August 23, 2005 Evangelical programs on Capitol Hill seek to mold a new generation of leaders who will answer not to voters, but to God. WASHINGTON — In the blue and gold elegance of the House speaker’s private dining room, … Continue reading

John Kerry Says Proposed Fuel Economy Standards Don’t Address Problems with Foreign Oil, High Gas Prices

Today, the Bush administration “proposed new rules to compel auto manufacturers to make pickup trucks, minivans and some sport utility vehicles more fuel efficient.” Senator John Kerry today issued the following statement on the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. “This is a pessimistic decision. It says that America … Continue reading