Patti Davis: The Sin of Blasphemy

Patti Davis scathes Pat Robertson’s latest faux pas (polite version) in her Newsweek column, today. Here’s a few quips…

Pat Robertson considers himself a man of God, a Christian, a preacher of the Gospel. To all of these aspects of his self-delusion, the only appropriate response is: Huh? His latest suggestion, as this self-proclaimed man of God, is that Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, should be assassinated…

True men of God, of course, do not entertain such notions. They certainly don’t preach them. Men of blasphemy do.

Did Robertson lose his Bible? Or has he simply rewritten it in his own language? What happened to “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” This is not the first time Robertson has expressed a fondness for assassination. In October 2003 he suggested that nuclear weapons be dropped on the State Department.

Have any authorities checked his basement?

Here’s what I’m curious about. How does someone who has wrapped himself in the cloak of Christianity for decades come up with such ideas and express them with such ease? Does he pray first? Does he get on his knees, close his eyes and say, “God, I really want to take a few people out here. I know we’re all supposed to be your children, but there are some bad ones in the bunch and I’m figuring they probably got through by mistake. So how about culling the herd?” And then does he actually imagine God answering him and saying, “Go forth, my child with whatever weapons you can find. If you can’t scrounge up any yourself, spread the word. Preach to the masses. Someone will pick up the sword, pull the trigger or drop the bomb.”

At the risk of sounding quaint, this is just not the God I was raised with, and it certainly isn’t the God who answers me. MORE

Note to Patti Davis: Thanks for saying this, because whoever the God is that Robertson is communing with, is certainly not the God who answers me either!

Crooks and Liars has a Flash Back video of Falwell making similar comments here.

Update: LOL! Nice headline – Religious flamethrower Pat Robertson in trouble again

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5 Responses to Patti Davis: The Sin of Blasphemy

  1. MH says:

    Great catch, Pamela. I’ve been alternately steaming and laughing about Robertson’s idiocy all day. UN-flipping-believable that this guy is referred to by ANYONE as a “Christian.”

  2. MH

    Everything seems so mindboggling these days. Doesn’t it.

    I owe you an email by the by…

  3. florida dem says:

    Any word from ShrubCo on Robertson’s latest dust up? So far, I heard that Dumbsfeld gave a mild observation that Robertson’s statement was inappropriate. I think the cable news channel I was watching today really had it right. It was a Religious Fatwa.

    Even as a kid, flipping past 700 Club, I thought Robertson seemed one sandwich shy of a picnic. How folks follow him is beyond me.

  4. Indie Liberal says:

    Have any of the Dems come out and denounce this? He doesn’t speak for me.

  5. BlueWashington says:

    Well, here we go – the Imam Robertson shows his true colors AGAIN by declaring his fatwa against a leader of a foreign country by conspiring for his death. And, of course, BushCo has done noting to condeme the Imam’s statement. Gotta pander to the base you know. Just showing those true colors.