The Mess Keeps Getting Messier Daily

The Daou Report has a link to Guardian UK article I heard Randi Rhodes read on her show yesterday afternoon: “A three-hour drive north from Baghdad, under the nose of an American base, Haditha is a miniature Taliban-like state.”

To hear Randi Rhodes read this yesterday, knowing all the while that Bush is on the road pushing his “Save My Dirty Rotten War Agenda” was simply mindboggling… It’s as if Bush is the three monkeys, “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.” Someone needs to get through to him — we are not winning the war on terror.

AP News reports: Iraq (Constitution) Draft Could Sow Seeds of Conflict. Even Rumsfeld acknowledged this today: Constitution Won’t End Violence.

Quite frankly the last thing I am interested in seeing on the news is photos of the Resident smirking on a boat in Idaho, while this mess keeps getting messier every day!

Can someone please wake me when this over?

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One Response to The Mess Keeps Getting Messier Daily

  1. MH says:

    The good news: he went on the road to push is Social Security Deform Agenda too. We see how that turned out. Let’s hope he has similar results with his “Save My Dirty Rotten War Agenda” (as you so aptly named it). Maybe it will wake people up instead.