Cindy Sheehan to Shift Focus to Congress, Starting with Tom Delay

Cindy Sheehan announced today that she plans to focus her attention on Congress, starting with Bush’s buddy House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

One of DeLay’s Texas district offices would likely be the first stop, she said. That would be about a 5.5 hour drive from Bush’s ranch in Crawford, where he is on a month-long vacation.

“I think our first stop might be Tom DeLay’s office,” she said, surrounded by supporters. “I just wanted to let him know so he’ll be in his office when we get there.”

“The president is not going to meet with us, probably,” Sheehan said. “We the people need to influence our congressional representatives and I hear he’s pretty close by,” referring to DeLay.

As to be expected, “a spokeswoman for DeLay said his schedule was already set and did not plan to change it to meet with Sheehan.”

As Ron noted in a post below, the polls have dropped yet again for Bush…

I strongly urge Bush to continue to refuse meeting with . For everyday that goes by, he shows America just how out of touch with reality he is.

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4 Responses to Cindy Sheehan to Shift Focus to Congress, Starting with Tom Delay

  1. Teresa says:

    I think cindy must be eating her wheaties!

  2. Teresa

    I don’t know what she’s eating… but I hope she shares! It’s awesome what she is doing… God(dess) grant her the strength to continue on.

  3. Teresa says:

    It IS awesome, Pamela. She is protected, I’m sure.

    She’s empowered by all the love and support coming her way. I think she’s just getting started and I am going to follow her example and do something with my talent. Contribute what I can. Hopefully the time for just hating and fearing the criminals in our government is over and we can move out and do something. The response to Cindy certainly indicates a need in our society for new leadership… coming from the people.
    I think everyone is surprised by this sudden event.

  4. Teresa

    Just as long as everyone can keep the negative energy of the counter-protestors away from her… that could be detrimental. Grief is such a powerful emotion.

    Whatcha gona do?