Ted Kennedy Urges More Money for Education

Millions of parents across the country are getting their kids ready to go back school.

George W. Bush chose to speak on the war in Iraq today, in his weekly radio address, rather than focus on the needs at home for a few moments. Of course, the news earlier this week that Connecticut is challenging NCLB, is most likely something that Bush would prefer not to discuss.

Ted Kennedy, chose to use the Democratic Party’s radio address today to lobby for more federal money for education.

“We need our Republican colleagues to join us in giving education the high priority that it deserves at the national level,” said Kennedy, the senior Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees education.

“The stakes are too high for us to allow political gamesmanship to get in the way,” the Massachusetts senator said. “No less than our national security and competitive standing in the world are at risk.”

Kennedy issued a Back-to-School Challenge to the Republicans and “he accused the Bush administration and Republican leaders in Congress of shortchanging the sweeping No Child Left Behind Act.”

Democrats, he said, want more money for teacher training, small class sizes, early childhood education and college aid.

“We are determined to have these issues debated in Congress this fall,” Kennedy said.

Bush officials and Republican leaders repeatedly dispute claims “that they have not provided enough money to states and school districts.”

Perhaps, they need to get out to the public schools across the country and talk with the administrators, teachers, parents and students. I’ve mentioned my daughter’s high school on many occassions when writing about education. The school is so overcrowded that they run on 3 tracks.

While millions of kids are getting ready to go back to school, mine started school on July 5th. Starting Monday, as the most populated “track” of students come into session, one of my daughter’s teachers will be a teacher with out a classroom. A teacher with out a classroom? Each day, this teacher will move her classroom for each of the 5 periods that she teaches daily. Students, if they are lucky, will know the day before where to meet for class the next day. If they are not lucky… well, we’ll bridge that when we get there…

So, I’ll just reiterate here, Republicans need to wake up and start doing the right things for the children in America. Our education system is a mess. NCLB is a failure. Public schools are not getting the funding they need and deserve. I’m one parent who looks forward to this debate in Congress.

The War in Iraq Costs: $190,417,072,464 (see linked $$ amount for constantly changing costs)

Instead, we could have hired 3,299,950 additional public school teachers for one year.

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