Senators Lugar and Obama Detained at Russian Airport for Several Hours

Senators Lugar and Obama and their aides ended a three day visit to Russia on a strange note…

They were in Russia “visiting sites where warheads are stored before destruction under the U.S.-funded Comprehensive Threat Reduction program.” The plane carrying Lugar, Obama and their aides “was detained for several hours Sunday while trying to leave Russia, before being permitted to leave the country for Ukraine, according to spokesmen for the lawmakers.”

I am in Ukraine with Sen. Lugar,” Lugar’s spokesman, Andy Fisher, said in a message sent from a personal messaging device Sunday afternoon.

He said Russian officials refused to let the plane take off for three hours and insisted on boarding it. “They did not. The border patrol finally got orders to let us go,” Fisher said.

“We were treated just fine,” he said.

A spokesman for Obama also confirmed the plane’s arrival in Ukraine.

The senators and their aides spent three days in Russia visiting sites where warheads are stored before destruction under the U.S.-funded Comprehensive Threat Reduction program.

The spokesmen did not have information on the nature of the dispute that resulted in the senators’ being held. Telephone calls to the Russian border guard service and Foreign Ministry were not answered Sunday evening.

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16 Responses to Senators Lugar and Obama Detained at Russian Airport for Several Hours

  1. Richard White says:

    To the Democrats,
    What is wrong with your party. Today I saw a comment ” Corporate Light ”
    which refers to your party! And anyway the public now realize that you have in your party many “WAR HAWKS” such as Senators Lieberman, Clinton, Biden, Kerry and others.
    Now I don’t know who to back I guess I will stay home on election day!
    The war in Iraq was started by lies and thats the truth.
    How can you ever take back control of Congress?
    You are running scared as you take money support from many of the same Corporations that the Republicans do.All you do is comment on violent “Video Games” As if that matters! Tell me please what Video Games that Hitler played to made him such a violent man?

  2. Ron Chusid says:

    If you are including Kerry as a hawk, you’ve been listening far too much to opposition campaigning and not enough to what Kerry had to say.

    At the time of the IWR, Kerry argued that we should not go into Iraq unilaterally and should not go in for nation building. He argued that we should only go in if proven to be threatened by WMD. When Bush failed to prove that we were threatened by WMD, Kerry argued against going into Iraq multiple times before the war. At the onset of the war he even called for regime change in Washington in protest.

    Initially Kerry was generally listed as an anti-war candidate by the media. It wasn’t until Dean realized that he had to differentiate himself from the other northeastern liberal to have a chance, and began to distort Kerry’s pre-war position, that some began to claim Kerry as a pro-war candidate. Since the war Kerry has been advocating a policy which would get us out of Iraq.

    Even the more pro-war Democrats supported the war under false pretenses and never supported the type of war which Bush started.

    We’ve never commented on violent video games here. That’s Hillary, who is hardly one of our favorites. While Hillary has been moving towards the right, Kerry has had several statements saying that we should stick to our principles and not change our polices in such a manner.

    So you really think you are helping by staying home, and helping more Republicans get elected? If you can’t tell the difference, it is time to take off the tin foil hat and look at the real issues, not the rhetoric of the far left lunatic fringe.

  3. Richard White says:

    Kerry still WANTS the US to stay in a war started by Bush & Co. I was in WW2 in the Phillipines and saw what war does to civilians. I guess that New Orleans looks to me like the Phillipines did at the end of WW2. I was lucky that I was in the US Navy and always had a bed to sleep in. The National Guard would better serve our country if they had remained at home!
    Look at the cost in men and money that the war has cost the US. Those dollars would be better spent solvings our problems. There are many of our “ALLIES” that will never have a democracy or any democratic society! Look how many civilians we have killed or wounded in Iraq.
    My grandsons will never fight in a war to preserve Arab oil. Not if I can help it! I do not think that the far left are “Looney” Liberman should be a Republican!

  4. Ron Chusid says:

    Kerry’ proposals are directed towards getting out of Iraq, not staying. Kerry warned about the dangers of occupying Iraq well before the war, and has been proven to be correct.

    I’m afraid you are really not worth responding to if all you have to say is to attribute views to people they do not hold. If you are determined to practice Rove’s style of argument there’s really no room for discussion with you.

  5. Richard

    I’m not sure what either of your posts have to do with the fact that Senators Lugar and Obama were detained for a few hours in Russia, due to some sort of a mix up.

    The Democratic Daily is here to support our elected Democrats, discuss the news and issues that effect Democrats. We don’t condone bashing our elected Democrats. There are plenty of blogs and forums that do, this is not one of them.

  6. Richard White says:

    I am disgusted with the Democrats when they will not respond to the Republican Evangelicans who support Bush because he is a “Born Again Christian” I am sure that you cannot find one Democrat who will admit that he does not believe in a God.
    So many Democrats signed the new Bankruptcy law that the credit card companies wrote.Over 1/2 of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills that uninsured citizens cannot afford to pay.
    That is why I am not a happy Democrat. And furthermore when I was a boy living in New York City my mother,who was on strike from Western Union was branded a Communist by Republicans. She was on strike for a 40 hour week. That is why I could never vote for a Republican! I want a political party that represents the worker. Remember Taft Hartley! Not 1 Democrat will attack that law and try for a repeal of it!

  7. Richard,

    I’m sorry you are so angry. Please respect that this blog does not support ranting against the Democratic Party. I’m sorry. It’s the policy agreed upon by myself, the owner and the writers here. Thank you.

  8. Richard White says:

    I am sorry but do you realize that President Bush gave the Taliban a money gift of 43 million dollars in May 2001. (Washington Post) I am still trying to find out what the Taliban did with this money.
    Believe me when I say that I never have voted for a Republican. Watch the Al Franken show on the Sundance Channel.
    I have spent a great deal of time in Russia and have friends in St. Petersburg. I learned to speak that language at Army Language School during the Korean War.

  9. Richard

    I’m not sure that heard that story. Do you have link for that?

    I’ve always wanted to visit Russia, actually particularly St. Petersburg (the architecture).

    I hear your frustration. We’re in a big mess — Bush is making things worse daily. Democrats are doing what they can, but we’re on uneven ground unfortunately.

    In the meantime… we’ve got a big mess in the Gulf that is absolutely heartbreaking.

  10. Richard White says:

    Yes I have a link to that storyInstitute for Public Accuracy
    Why did President Bushgive money to the Taliban (May 2001)
    Washington Post
    May 25, 2001 Friday ,Final Edition Attn: Cynthia Skow
    Section : Editoral: Page Editoral A38
    “The Taliban’s Madness
    I also read this story in Progressive Magazine
    St Petersburg is a beautiful city IT IS built on islands connected by bridges
    They have a holiday called “White Nights” celebrated on the longest day of the year. Also is the Metro (Subway system )

  11. Richard White says:

    Because of the hurricane in New Orleans President Bush cut his vacation short by 2 days. Then he refused aid from the the Mayor of Chicago! What a leader! We should be thrilled!

  12. Richard White says:

    The British press is reporting that New Orleans will not be able to sustain itself for at least 10 years because of the ecological damage done to potable water supplies by the hurricane!

  13. kj says:

    And this from CBS News:

    Katrina Could Cost More Than Wars
    Sept. 11, 2005

    One storm could end up costing almost as much as two wars.

    Although estimates of Hurricane Katrina’s staggering toll on the treasury are highly imprecise, costs are certain to climb to $200 billion in the coming weeks. The final accounting could approach the more than $300 billion spent in four years to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.


  14. kj says:

    Here’s the link for The Independent via Buzzflash, for the toxic water story that Richard mentioned above.

  15. Richard White says:

    Where will President Bush get the money to finance his war in Iraq? Which will come first the money to fund the repairs as a result of the hurricane “Katrina?
    Or is his war in Iraq more important than repairs to New Orleans? Seems that Bush and Company cannot find out what happened to 6 million dollars that was misplaced or lost on his Iraq war? (Ask Mr Bremmer)
    And will we replace or repair the damage we caused to houses and autos of civilians of Iraq?

  16. Richard White says:

    I cannot understand why Some Democrats are in favor of keeping Bush’s war going on The pen is more powerful than the sword. The USA is financing the Iraq war on credit! Cheney said that when we invade Iraq the citizens will welcome us. Cheney was wrong and so is the President wrong to continue that war.
    How many innocent civilians have we killed? Doesn’t their lives matter? They might not be Christians. But they are human beings!
    They have families and children. Why must we inflict Democracy on them? Where will the money come from to pay for this war?
    Because of the hurricanes in our country we must pay for that FIRST! I do not think that I would like anyone who would drop a bomb on me!