LCV Endorses Senator Maria Cantwell for Re-election

The LCV annouced today that are endorsing Washington Senator Maria Cantwell for re-election. Cantwell is their first endorsement for the 2006 election cycle. LCV is proud to announce its first endorsement of the 2006 election cycle: Washington Senator Maria Cantwell. Senator Cantwell is one of our nation’s strongest environmental leaders … Continue reading

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Texas

After a weekend of protests outside of his Crawford ranch, Bush has left the HEAT of Texas, for a little Medicare Bamboozle Tour in Arizona and California. President Bush tried Monday to drum up support for a Medicare prescription drug benefit that begins next year, encouraging audiences to learn about … Continue reading

Arhnold Chooses Corporate Lobbyists to Head Environmental Agencies

Looks as though the Governator is taking another page out of the Bush guide to choosing environmental appointees. When first elected Arhnold wowed some environmentalists in California by showing himself to be on the green side of the environment. Now it seems that the only green Arhnold cares about is … Continue reading

Wasn’t the Cold War Supposed to be Over?

Late last night I posted that Senators Lugar and Obama were detained before departing from Russia yesterday. They were there on a fact finding mission, touring nuclear weapon destruction sites. Jeff Zeleny, a Chicago Tribune correspondent posed this question about the incident: “Wasn’t the Cold War supposed to be over?” … Continue reading

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Info (Updated)

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Info, Updated September 1, 2005, 11:30 p.m., pst. Our updated list can be found here. We will continue to update this list as more organizations get involved. Relief Organizations: America’s Second Harvest: 800-344-8070. Adventist Community Services: 800-381-7171. B’nai B’rith Disaster Relief Fund: Catholic Charities: 1-800-919-9338 … Continue reading

Hurricane Katrina Tears up LA and MS — Round-up of Headlines

Hurricane Katrine rages on in the Gulf Coast. Here’s a round-up of headlines from news including damage, insurance estimates, the effects on oil refineries, and the pending environmental disaster casued by the hurricane… Plowing through New Orleans, the below sea level city experienced “howling, 145-mph winds and blinding rain that … Continue reading

New SBA Small Business Numbers Include Billions to Corporate Giants

New SBA reports show that billions of dollars have been given to Corporate machine while real Small Businesses are left by the wayside. One of the reports was prompted by a request from John Kerry. Last week, the SBA’s Office of Inspector General “released the results of three investigations in … Continue reading