Arhnold Chooses Corporate Lobbyists to Head Environmental Agencies

Looks as though the Governator is taking another page out of the Bush guide to choosing environmental appointees. When first elected Arhnold wowed some environmentalists in California by showing himself to be on the green side of the environment. Now it seems that the only green Arhnold cares about is $$$, when it comes to the environment. Many Californians who voted for Arhnold and feeling a similar pang of Buyer’s Remorse, that Bush voters are now feeling.

Schwarzenegger’s effort to be a green Republican has been one of the principal ways the governor has depicted himself as being above Sacramento’s traditional partisan divides. But in a reversal from the beginning of his tenure, it is now environmentalists who are objecting that Schwarzenegger has bent too far to one side.

The complaints mirror a larger one that has been leveled against the governor all year: that he has become too closely aligned with the business interests that are underwriting his November special election.

After simmering for months, tension about his appointments has erupted over Schwarzenegger’s choice for one of the most important environmental positions in California: chief regulator of the state’s air quality.

Cindy Tuck, who has been chairwoman of the Air Resources Board since Schwarzenegger appointed her in June, is the first former industry lobbyist to head the body that decides how much pollution cars, factories and farms can emit. For 15 years, Tuck had worked either directly for or on behalf of an oil and energy industry trade group that opposed California legislation intended to restrict greenhouse gases, railroad emissions and acid rain.

With the Senate Rules Committee scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to confirm Tuck, business and environmental interests are mounting aggressive campaigns to influence the outcome. Tuck’s record has been parsed with the type of intensity usually reserved for candidates for elective office or judgeships.

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NOTE: If you have read Robert Kennedy, Jr’s Crimes Against Nature, then you will be aware of how Bush has filled all the key environmental positions in his cabinet with industry lobbyists.

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