The Gulf Coast Needs Help and Hope

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the two most precious needs are HELP and HOPE.

Now, two days after Katrina ravaged through the Gulf Coast, it appears America is once again in the midst of her darkest hours. Those still remaining in the city of New Orleans are preparing for final evacuation. Such a forced complete evacuation is unprecedented in American history. The thousands who took refuge in the Superdome since before the storm, will be evacuated to Houston’s Astrodome.

Last night the DNC sent out an email to members asking that they donate to the American Red Cross. The LCV also sent out a plea today for donations to various organizations including the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross were amongst the first responders to this disaster and are coordinating with FEMA. Please do what you can to help…

On Monday, soon after the news began reporting the first signs of devastation I posted a thread on how people could help, you can find an extensive list of organizations taking donations here: Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Info.

Information on various charities and ways to donate to the relief effort are also available through:

Breaking News (from earlier in the day):

‘Concert for Hurricane Relief’ to air Sept. 2nd.

The Bush administration has declared a Public Health Emergency across the Gulf Coast.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Wednesday he feared that thousands had died in his city alone.

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2 Responses to The Gulf Coast Needs Help and Hope

  1. Teresa says:

    I think this is a real moment of truth. The shock and awe are now settling in. It’s beyond politics and it won’t be able to be blamed on terrorists. They’ve just been trumped by the cosmos. Hopefully it will bring the end of that hoax, as we rally together to help our fellow men, and look at ourselves. Maybe bring some humility and honesty to this wounded country.
    I hope.

    People will survive and heal. Although the fate of this incredible city is uncertain. It would be shocking to see the total destruction of a great American City. Definitely an awakening. The home of the American Blues, one of the most soulful and powerful of our cultural gifts, and we are experiencing it now.

    After the initial devastation goes, I think this nation will have a lot to think about. It is all so humbling.
    We need new leadership.

  2. Teresa

    The shock and awe hit me Monday morning. My gut told me we had a huge catastrophy on our hands and we would only see things get worse as days went by. Why the boy wonder sat on his hands and talked about Iraq is beyond me.

    When disasters like this happen I always remember the old commercial that said “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

    The blues will live on… thank God(dess), New Orleans… it’s looking to be a monumental environmental disaster there. I don’t trust the EPA under Bush to be honest with us.