John Kerry on Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts: “We Share a Collective Anguish and Frustration Over the Inadequate Response of the Federal Government”

John Kerry has been in Iraq for the past week (see below) on a follow up from his January visit. I was told by a contact in his office that he “wanted to go again to thank our troops for their service, talk with military commanders about the situation on … Continue reading

Learning to Love David Brooks: He Just Boldly Went Where No Conservative Has Gone Before

Civic arrangements work or they fail. Leaders are found worthy or wanting. What’s happening in New Orleans and Mississippi today is a human tragedy. But take a close look at the people you see wandering, devastated, around New Orleans: they are predominantly black and poor. The political disturbances are still to come. Continue reading

Bush Claims Recovery Efforts “Are Not Acceptable” – The Blame Lies on His Shoulders

Bush claimed this morning that recovery efforts in New Orleans “are not acceptable.” Pardon my language here… but No Shit Sherlock! The blame for the unacceptable rescue efforts lies firmly on your shoulders Mr. President, and the shoulders of the inept members of your Cabinet. In his column today, Paul … Continue reading