Aaron Neville: “There Go I but for the Grace of God”

Aaron Neville spoke with MSNBC’s Alex Witt about Hurricane Katrina and tonight’s scheduled concert for hurricane relief. Speaking out the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Neville said, “The go I but for the grace of God.”

Watch the video here: Aaron Neville - MSNBC

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4 Responses to Aaron Neville: “There Go I but for the Grace of God”

  1. Teresa says:

    In another amazing moment, just before the storm I saw a video called Lightning in a Bottle, a blues concert. The one song I loved the most was the Neville Brothers doing Big Chief in an absolutely joyous rendition. I played it over and over again as it got to my core and made me wiggle and dance. The conga drummer who did the singing is unforgettable. A beautiful man.

  2. Teresa

    I adore Aaron Neville. He has the voice of an angel.

  3. Amazing Grace… how sweet the sound – when sung by Aaron Neville! Wow! I just saw the live cast online, looking forwar dto the reply on NBC tonight on west coast time.

  4. kj says:

    Aaron Neville does sing Amazing Grace like no one else.
    Teresa, I had no idea you were so into blues! I love the blues, but know nothing about it. I’m psyched you’re learning to play blues piano!