Learning to Love David Brooks: He Just Boldly Went Where No Conservative Has Gone Before

Let’s face it, there are just sometimes where you can’t argue with someone, no matter what your ideologocial differences are. In the case of yesterday’s NY Times column by David Brooks, even the most liberal among us has gotta admit that this conservative just hit the nail on the head.

The Storm After the Storm

Hurricanes come in two waves. First comes the rainstorm, and then comes what the historian John Barry calls the “human storm” – the recriminations, the political conflict and the battle over compensation. Floods wash away the surface of society, the settled way things have been done. They expose the underlying power structures, the injustices, the patterns of corruption and the unacknowledged inequalities. When you look back over the meteorological turbulence in this nation’s history, it’s striking how often political turbulence followed. MORE

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6 Responses to Learning to Love David Brooks: He Just Boldly Went Where No Conservative Has Gone Before

  1. Wow, I just witnessed a breakdown on Faux News. I flipped it on to see if they were still showing how great our admin was handling everything there. Well except for all the “black looters” they love to show constantly.

    Turned it on at the beginning of the Hannity show. Hannity was starting with a report from the field segment.

    Geraldo and Sam Shepard were in New Orleans and were starting to snap. They were going on and on about these people who are not being helped. Hannity had to start agruing with them. Geraldo was acutally losing control. Twice grabbed a baby from someones arms standing near him and was holding the baby up and yelling about how bad it was. Baby started crying… Sheesh Geraldo, don’t tough the children.

    They were both basically saying they didnt understand it. Nobody seemed to be in control. These people need help and don’t know what to do or where to go etc.

    At one point I thought Gerlado might start crying. Shepard looked shell shocked. They are going to be in deep doo doo.

    Though as my son mentioned, at the end of the segment Shepard tried to recover by saying “now, im not blaming anyone”. Either a producer must have started screaming in his ear peice or he suddenly snapped out of it enought and realized he was about to get himself fired.

    Then they cut away to one of their happy little blonde fauxette reporters at the airport to do a fluff piece about how well the recovery effort is going and all the supplies coming in.

  2. Nick,

    Brooks spoke at my office a few months ago as part of our Issues Forum. They’ve managed to get some great speakers since they began it after 9/11.

    He spoke on Red and Blue America. I was pleasantly surprised. When he refrains from his partisanship, he can actually be very good, very well reasoned and fair. He also displayed a great sense of humor. Though he usually still really ticks me off on many of his Op Eds…

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    I’m getting a little deja vu.. The war in Iraq is going well, but the reports from the people on the ground are less positive.

    I’ve heard other reporters crying and told that one of them was crying over a Dad with 2 kids who had to let go of his wife. Dad was too much in shock to show emotion or know what to do. The reporter was caught trying to do her job and help the guy.

    Then some coworkers started in on the “well why didn’t they leave when they were told to evacuate, they had days” I suggested that due to the poverty level, leaving may have been impossible. Oh no, they could have walked!

  4. Dave

    I remember when Geraldo was young and cocky and actually a good investigative reporter. Maybe he did for a moment too.

    I watched Dateline NBC and they were asked some tough questions and exposed the truth to peoplewho may not have been watching much during the week. 60 Minutes is on now here, watched some and it’s the same thing. Are they have a collective media awakening?

  5. Ginny

    I am so curious to hear what JK has to say about Iraq. It could be days given the horrific mess in the Gulf before we hear. I’m so glad he released that statement and let people know he was there.

  6. Ginny in CO says:


    It would be interesting if he could tie the two even better than Krugman.
    Could be the speech that really defines his life. If he can get out the kind of material he presented to the Senate Armed Forces Committee…

    Saw a piece on PBS @ dinner. This is where the politics and blame will go – we hope. They had done a story on NO in ’02. The problem started when the French first decided on the location.

    They arrived in September, ground was dry. Next year the floods hit and the leavy building began. And continued for 300 years. Finally, the ecologists et al got the picture: the marshes that protected the city were created and Maintained by the flooding of Ol’ Miss – which also deposited
    tons of silt which would settle and sink. The next flood, more silt, marshes maintained.

    After 300 years of walls and levies, the marshes were disappearing into the ocean. An incredible # of square miles had disappeared and was escalating in the past 10. Without it’s annual silt deposit, the NO area began to sink below sea level.

    Enter the oil refinery. (Of course, you KNEW they would) They not only built the usual refinery – which produces 30 % of our domestic oil and gas-
    they buried MILES of underground pipe – to get it out of the water. Now it is becoming exposed, it also cortibuted to the water loss and damage.

    The Corps of Engineers and Louisiana scientists, etc figured out a way to restore the marshes. Expensive, of course, but doable and the trial area was recovering very quickly. One woman they had worked with extensively is British and took them out on the field visits – the difference was quite obvious.

    So of course, the Corps repeatedly asked for money and Bush slashed up to 80%. Congress restored some – but only fractions. The projects could go nowhere. Not surprising that one of the Corps managers had to leave.

    And the local emergency management people had done a projection in ’02 of all the things that could go wrong for a class 5 HC.(most of which has) There was no money to prepare – all going to homeland security.

    Given all that I’ve read and heard and studied about the way Americans have been lulled into passivity and apathy, and how much of that had been apparent to me. It almost had to get this bad before they would wake up and decide to pay attention.

    We just need to get the messages ready. Back to WA this weekend…