Biloxi Shelter Closed for Health Issues

It’s being reported that the Superdome has been fully evacuated, but we still have so many issues to deal with in the striken Gulf Coast. While all eyes have been on New Orleans, people are suffering in so many areas…

Patients Fall Ill, Miss. Shelter Closes
By Associated Press

BILOXI, Miss. — Officials closed a shelter Saturday because more than 20 people there fell ill, and doctors believe the patients may have contracted dysentery from tainted water.

Another 20 people in the area also were treated for vomiting and diarrhea.

The shelter at a Biloxi school had been without water and power since Katrina hit Monday. About 400 people had been staying there, and doctors said some may have ignored warnings to stay away from water.

Some running water came back on late Friday, but it was not safe to drink or even to use to brush teeth or wash, said Dr. Jason Dees, a volunteer working at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.

Most of the patients were treated with antibiotics. About 30 ill residents were taken to a hospital in Mobile, Ala., while the rest were bused to a shelter in Thomasville, Ga.

Biloxi police Cpl. Kayla Robert said she had no idea what caused the illnesses.

“Who knows what they swallowed before they got here,” she said. “Half of them were swimming in stuff that we don’t even know what it was.”

Mississippians’ Suffering Overshadowed

Mississippi hurricane survivors looked around Saturday and wondered just how long it would take to get food, clean water and shelter. And they were more than angry at the federal government and the national news media.

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