Carnival Cruise Lines’ Ships to House 7000 Refugees

Carnival Cruise Lines has cancelled voyages on 3 ships in order to provide housing for up to 7000 Hurricane Katrina refugees.

Federal officials are chartering three of Carnival Cruise Lines’ ships for six months, part of a plan to provide shelter for as many as 7,000 people displaced by devastating Hurricane Katrina.

The three ships — the Ecstasy, Sensation and Holiday — will be pulled from regular use starting Monday.

Approximately 920 crew members will staff the 70,367-gross-ton Ecstasy and Sensation, with about 660 running the 46,052-ton Holiday. The Ecstasy and Sensation can each take 2,606 total passengers, while the Holiday can hold 1,800.

“We sincerely apologize to those guests whose vacations have been impacted by these voyage cancellations,” Carnival’s chief executive officer, Bob Dickinson, said in a news release. “This inconvenience … will provide desperately needed housing for thousands of individuals affected by this tragedy.”

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4 Responses to Carnival Cruise Lines’ Ships to House 7000 Refugees

  1. janet says:

    FINALLY!! Since we see cruise ships sail out to sea every weekend around here, my husband and I were screaming at the TV asking why in the world cruise ships weren’t used to help these people. Way to go Carnival.

  2. Janet

    I was happy to see this myself. We need more good news.

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Now, can we challenge the “undeserving rich” to donate their tax cuts to the relief funds?

  4. Ginny

    Good plan – very good plan. I say repeal the damn thing!

    By the way – best bumper sticker I have seen in a while is right here in the ad to the right – GOP = Gang of Pirates!