God Help Us

Three words, three simple words… GOD HELP US. Dave Martin / AP A makeshift tomb on a New Orleans street corner Sunday contains a body that had been lying on the sidewalk for days in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Police Shoot to Death At Least 6 in New Orleans — Suicides Among Police, Firefighters Reported

UPDATED (4:00 pm, pst)… WE’RE GETTING CONFLICTING REPORTS ON THIS STORY: First report was up to 8 were shot at by police on the bridge. Then Fox reported that those shot were contractors sent to repair the bridge. Now Fox reports: Police shot and killed some gunmen who had fired … Continue reading

“Shelter From The Storm”

In a virtual replay of their unprecedented union in the wake of 9-11, the six broadcast networks are setting aside their traditional rivalries and joining together to produce a prime-time benefit concert to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading