God Help Us

Three words, three simple words… GOD HELP US.

God Help Us
Dave Martin / AP
A makeshift tomb on a New Orleans street corner Sunday contains a body that had been lying on the sidewalk for days in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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13 Responses to God Help Us

  1. cali dem says:

    Can you imagine what the world is thinking of us when they see heart-breaking photos like this one? *sigh*

  2. kj says:

    The love that put Vera there… unbelievable.

  3. KJ

    “The love that put Vera thereā€¦ unbelievable.” – Love – Nothing else is real.

  4. Inquisitor says:

    ‘God help us’?

    I don’t think we ought to treat God as if God was an idiot.

    Why do you look skywards for aid when it is the masters of you slaves that are holding that which could have prevented a single individual from dying.

    You slog for them on a daily basis within a system that keeps many eating out of the gutters. Is it any surprise that they are the first to be swept away in the event of any disaster? No. Katrina is the aftermath of the Disaster that has been mistaken for the ‘American Dream’. Katrina is another chance to channel the discontent of the masses which has arisen with the recession of Katrina’s tides to looking for the true causes so that future ‘aftermaths’ may be prevented.

    So to all self-gratifying ‘charitable’ individuals – lead the people to the water that they may always be nourised. Give it to them, and they’ll always be dying a slow death from thirst as they will never know where the river flows. Every dollar donated is an investment for more future deaths which will inevitably result when causes are left unaddressed in the present. For now, get the capitalist government and the aristocracy(‘celebrities’, etc) to give till it ‘hurts’ – in other words, to give till their bank balances equals ours. For us to give till this happens is to naturalise their greed and legitmise any efforts and ambitions on our part to become like them – which is exactly why Katrina’s ‘aftermath’ visits upon us.

  5. Ginny in CO says:


    (and I thought Noam Chomsky was tricky reading)

  6. Inquisitor,

    Sorry but the rest of us will still try to do what we can to help too.

    You can take a pass, that will make everything much better for the less fortunate. So we should do nothing until and unless the wealthiest have donated thier last penny to help the poor? Uh right…

  7. Pamela,

    What a picture. Did you ever think we would see this in the United States of America. What these people have done to this country is criminal.

  8. Dave

    It is criminal. Last night there were a couple of threads on DU about all of this being impeachable offenses. I can not imagine when all is said and done that it is not. It’s all so surreal that it’s like watching a bad B movie… but then we realize we are living in it.

  9. Teresa says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if God did help us?

  10. Teresa

    A Holy Impeachment, perhaps… followed by years of wonderful peace and prosperity under leadership of the Shadow President and his band of Hope Givers in the Cabinet. One can dream…

    Yes it would be.

  11. Teresa says:


    I will always dream. No one can take that away from me. And they are free. They keep me alive.

  12. Teresa

    Me too… No one can ever take away our dreams.

  13. kj says:

    # Ginny in CO Says:
    September 4th, 2005 at 8:35 pm


    (and I thought Noam Chomsky was tricky reading)

    LOLOL I’ve never quite been able to finish the slog through old Noam’s stuff.