Curt Shilling Steps Up to the Plate to Provide Home for Evacuees

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and wife Shonda connected with a family needing housing through Web site,, which matches displaced families with people willing to house them.

The Schillings registered Friday and on Saturday anonymously arranged for the Fields family, with seven children between the ages of 5 and 12, to fly to Boston and provide them with housing for a year.

“He said, ‘I would like to help you,”’ Efrem Fields, 31, told The Globe in a phone interview from his hotel. “He didn’t say who he was.”

Fields and his wife, Shelita, 28, and their kids met the Schillings at the hotel. Fields said his new friend looked familiar.

“I said ‘Wait a second, I know this guy,”’ said Fields, a baseball fan. “Schilling … Schilling, there’s only one Schilling I know, and he’s a baseball player. It blew my mind.”

Thousands offer shelter to Katrina’s victims as long term housing looks to be a staggering process.

Find more information on how you can help here.

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11 Responses to Curt Shilling Steps Up to the Plate to Provide Home for Evacuees

  1. Teresa says:

    I’m very very disturbed that most people I’m running across in the blogosphere are obsessing about their hatred of Bush to the exclusion of stories like this. I think this one thing that is so fundamentally wrong with society. Their inability to embrace the goodness of life.

    Thank you for posting this, Pamela.

  2. Mass says:

    I agree with you.

    On DU, most threads relative to the people within the disaster area or who have been evacuated are ignored, except if they can be used against Bush.

    They just dont seem to care about people, just their cause.

  3. Mass

    I’ve been mostly posting and running over at DU. It’s been too ugly over there and elsewhere as Teresa mentioned.

    While I’m mad as hell like everyone else, I think we need to keep some perspective and give credit to those helping. It’s hard I look for the goodness stories and find so many that make me want to rant like everyone else.

  4. Teresa says:

    understand that folks are afraid, but they don’t even realize how selfishly they are behaving by only considering their needs when people who are really suffering need help.

    I’m through with FEMA and the administration right now. I’ve heard all I want to hear. I know what they did.

    Frontier Airlines in Denver is offering free transportation to town and 60 days of free accommodations with assistance in finding employment. Denver is taking 1000 evacuees and offering them a new permanent home. They are being put up in luxury downtown hotels where they can enjoy the pedestrian mall right outside the hotel, well-fed, dry, and untrapped, and contemplate the mountains and their new lives. Denver will treat them like royalty.

    As Donald Ray Seals says: “I elected to come to Denver because I want a fresh start. That’s what snow means to me. Fresh. It is the advent of excitement.”

    My infinite praise for all those who are doing the right thing.

  5. Mass says:


    I am mad as hell, but, somewhere in myself, I cant limit my anger at the Bush administration. I see these faces and cant stop thinking so many people failed them and so many continue, by not recognizing that it is not only the incompetence of the Bush administration, it is also that they were forgotten by all.

    I know this is difficult to express these days because of this administration who wants to use that fact to deflect its responsibility, but this is a compounded problem here. How can our society forget these people in the first place.

    I found that essay on Democracy Cell Project by Fe and it is one of the best thing I have read recently. It describes so well this tragedy.

    Last Wednesday, Americans watched in horror as the survivors of Katrina, particularly those in New Orleans, were shown pleading for help from a government that took too long to decide or act, and too little to plan for this inevitable event.

    Our televisions showed seas of faces black and white, infants and grandparents of every stripe, struggling in the midst of the dread of the storm and its even more severe aftermath. They were people who, despite the media’s earlier claims were “those who chose to stay”, were actually “Those Not Able to Leave”.

  6. Mass

    I read Fe’s essay. It was very good.

    I hear you, I too believe they have been failed in so many ways, on so many levels. As a single mother, an only parent, struggling to get by on a limited earnings from a business floundering in the Bush economy, I thoroughly indentify with those not able to leave. I’ve been there in the depths of poverty, living on welfare without a car. Where do you go when you only rely on public transportation and you have no credit cards to rent a hotel room? You stay where you are and you pray.

    The Bush administration doesn’t care about people who have not, they don’t understand the concept of having not. Sometimes I think the average semi-comfortable American doesn’t understand or care. Poverty is an ugly blight on our country.

  7. Teresa says:

    I agree with you both.
    Although we could deal with these problems with a decent government. The absolute obscenity of this administration has always made me sick.

    There was no way they could have gotten all those people out and they didn’t even try. Had they had an evacuation plan and started the process early enough, others would have seen the exit and would have been more likely to join. But even then, I’m sure only part of the city would be able to get out.

    when the stories start pouring out I doubt if the blame the victim game will hold up.

  8. Nick says:

    Teresa, Mass, Pamela

    If the Bush hater-obseessors scare you don’t tell them this: last year Curt Schilling became a born-again Christian and campaigned for Bush (not against Kerry) in New Hampshire- no matter, Kerry won NH anyway.
    No I don’t care for Schilling’s politics, and I don’t understand why being a “Christian” should make one think they should be Republican.
    But unlike folks at DU at dailyKos, when it comes to Schilling I DON’T CARE. Anybody who can pitch the great games he did in the postseason-in particular against the Yankees, the only thing in this country more elitist than the GOP- is a friend of mine. His charitable giving noted here only improves my view of him. Don’t worry, as long as he pitches for the Red Sox and stays in New England, he’ll come around politically.
    My only real beef with Schilling is: Why the hell did the Orioles trade this guy in 1991? Sure I’m happy for the Red Sox, but us folks in Baltimore haven’t even had a team with a winning record (i.e. above .500) since 1997!!! We’ve only had 5 winning teams period post-1985.

  9. Nick says:


    Should have mentioned he opened his house to these folks. Anybody willing to let the poor and homeless into their home won’t be a Republican for long.

  10. Nick

    LOL! I knew he was a Bush voter last year. But the fact remains that there are many a good hearted republican, and in times like this they deserve praise.

    I was very impressed to see Bill Frist down in the Triage Center and I asked the DU Dean supporters why Dr Dean was not down there helping out.

    Besides, born and raised in MA, in my eyes the Red Sox rule.

  11. Nick says:


    I always felt for you folks i.e. Red Sox fans. To this day, whenever they show game 6 of the 1986 World Series on ESPN classic I’m still convinced the Sox are gonna win. You guys are way to hard on Buckner. The game was already tied when he made his error. And anyway there was still a game 7-for the Red Sox to blow. Or more precisely for Calvin Shiraldi and John McNamara to blow. There was actually a show on ESPN Classic last week called “The top 5 reasons you can’t blame Bill Buckner for the Sox 1986 loss.”
    I’m an Oriole fan first, but if I know the Orioles are not going to go to the postseason, which is most years, I root for the Sox as a “backup team.” I remember going to a Red Sox-Orioles game in Sept. 2004 at Oriole Park. Of course there were a lot of Sox fans there, and they and the Orioles fans were making fun of each other. Until, the viewer screen put highlights from the Yankee game on. Suddenly, fans for both teams broke into a Yankees suck cheer. There are some folks in Baltimore who don’t care for the Sox one way or another, but NOBODY in Baltimore was rooting for the Yankees over Boston in 1978, 2003, or 2004. Frankly, we were almost as crazy about the Sox comeback from down 3 games to 0 as you folks were.