All-Volunteer Group in L.A. Needs Donations For Katrina Victims

I’m not sure how many readers we have from the L.A. area, but this inspiring story, has actually made the newswires and touched off similar groups across the country. I’m going to be heading over to donate supplies to the L.A. group dubbed, “Puppies, Babies and Mommies Too,” in a little while.

I spoke with Shawn Booth on the phone earlier today. They’ll be out there for the next few days loading up trucks with supplies for the evacuees. There focus is on pet supplies, medical supplies and food and water. Shawn told me tomorrow they would accept donations of clothing, bedding, towels, etc. Here’s the story…

KNBC-TV: LOS ANGELES – Many Southern Californians are getting involved by donating boxes and boxes of water, food, pet supplies and cribs to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

The effort, dubbed “Puppies, Babies and Mommies Too,” is being organized by the Bella Pooch organization and will be on the road Wednesday to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Shawn Booth, of the volunteer group, said the effort is being duplicated in several major cities, including Washington, D.C., West Palm Beach, Fla., and Chicago.

The organization was started by the founder going through the Internet to get it together. The all-volunteer group is working with the United Way of Lafayette, La.

“Our founder, Sydney Ray, was looking for a way of helping out and volunteering her services you know. She was not going to sit still. She was not happy with the way the donations were working. So she got on the Web site, got on Craigslist, made a posting, found someone else, joined forces, and six days later this is what we have,” Booth said.

There will be 12 semi trailers coming to Van Nuys Wednesday where they will be hitched to 12 donated trucks. Members of the volunteer organization will drive them to Louisiana and donate everything they have to the United Way warehouses in Lafayette, La.

The organization is still in need of gas donations, medical supplies, first aid kits and food for the drivers to get them to their final destination.

If you have stuff at home you’re collecting and you want to get it here, the collection will start again once the tractor-trailers leave late Wednesday.

The collection location is at 7635 block of Airport Parkway in Van Nuys. To find out more information on how you can donate, go to:

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One Response to All-Volunteer Group in L.A. Needs Donations For Katrina Victims

  1. kj says:

    I can’t read this. Haven’t been able to read or watch anything about the pets, but did send a check to our local humane society. The unconditional love from animals is complete, and then when they’re hurt, well, I just lose it completely.