And So It Begins… The People Will Rise Up…

Information about came via our comments… American’s have had all they can take… And so it begins… The People Will Rise Up…

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit a NONVIOLENT act of Civil Disobedience – building an encampment on the Washington DC Mall.

Spread the word and join us. It’s up to you to be creative and spread this link:

Bushville-DC: 10,000 Katrina survivors will eventually camp on Bush’s doorstep. They will camp in the seat of power and media demand truth and action. They will stay there as long as it takes.

-Through 9/11
-Through the Katrina investigations
-Through the Supreme Court Hearings

On 9/11 Bush will use the flag to try to blind us. Founding Bushville-DC on 9/11 will keep America’s attention on the criminal negligence of Bush.

History of Protest Encampments in Washington DC and elsewhere:

Hooverville – 1929 – 40’s
Villages of homeless that appeared following the Great Depression.

Bonus Army – June 17th, 1932
assemblage of about 20,000 WWI veterans, their families, and other affiliated groups, who demonstrated in DC during the spring and summer of 32

Dewey Canyon III – Washington, D.C., April 1971
Vietnam Veterans Against the War stage “a limited incursion into the country of Congress.”

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36 Responses to And So It Begins… The People Will Rise Up…

  1. Teresa says:

    This is fantastic. It will converge with Cindy’s group. This is such a HUGE event in our history and there is a saga unfolding.

    I think JK is totally heartbroken that he couldn’t protect us from this. But we had to learn. I hope he forgives himself.

  2. Teresa

    There’s a quote from JK in top post. I think he is too and Uncle Teddy as well. His floor speech today was awesome.

    I’m so glad to have checked out this website after the comment was left. I was thinking the same thing, they will converge with Cindy Sheehan’s group.

  3. Teresa says:

    It just occurred to me, Pamela.

    If the Katrina survivors are so predominately black like they say, then the meeting of them with Cindy Sheehan might be like the meeting of the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti Viet-Nam one.
    Could be interesting. Pack some power, Maybe?

  4. kj says:

    Who from here is going to DC? Anyone?

  5. Marjorie G says:

    KJ, come to DC with me.

  6. kj says:

    Marjorie, are you taking a bus into DC? Staying over?

  7. kj says:

    Quick glance at Greyhound shows a 6 plus hour bus ride from Brooklyn into DC and back for $69 roundtrip. Don’t know if Amtrak is any better, got completely confused trying to figure out stations.

  8. Marjorie G says:

    KJ, may stay over at KB’s on the floor, if I can figure how to stash a blanket roll while marching. United for Peace and Justice are sending many buses from NYC at $35 round trip, same day turn around. I’ll have to decide soon to get transportation home.

    Some are dithering on driving, and I’ve got a few people waiting on my decision. Typical…

  9. kj says:

    So, you are hoping to stay in DC both Saturday and Sunday? Not sure if I read you right. Also, not sure if KB will have room for me on her floor. This is all assuming I can scrounge up the money for the flight.

  10. kj says:

    Monday’s activities look interesting also…

  11. Nick says:

    For folks coming to DC: If you wanna get around the city, take the Metro. According to Dept. of Transportation, only LA and San Francisco have worse traffic congestion than DC. If your driving here-fine. But for the actual demonstration or getting around the city, take Metro. Fare is at least $1.10 one way dependeing on how many stops your going. Metro is great, it’ll take you anywhere you want to go.
    Am pleased to report that homicide and violent crime in Washington DC are at near 20 year lows (lowest since 1986 just before the crack epidemic hit). Sure you should be safe and not hang around late at night like you would any big city. Avoid South East DC and the Anacostia area, that’s where most violent crime happens in the city-though crime is doewn there to. The least violent area is the NW part of DC.
    Metro trains run until just past 12:00am. Metro buses run most of the night while the cabs run most nights too-Keep your eye on the meter, make sure the cabbies don’t rip you off.
    BRING MONEY. The cost of gas here is higher than any other place in the US of A. Cost of living is high too.

  12. kj says:

    Reality sets in. We are broke, and I won’t be drawing a paycheck here for awhile. Will have to go in spirit only.

  13. Marjorie G says:

    Always room on the floor for you, KJ, you petite thing. Maybe scrounge for a shared room somewhere in MD for a few of us?

    Something tells me, Nick, you are one of those who knows something about everything. DC your neighborhood? If so, DCP will have a table on the mall after the march, and we should all hook up. I know they will try to lobby Congress on Monday, with the rest of UforPJ. I can’t stay through Monday.

  14. kj says:

    A shared room in MD sounds like a plan… wonder if Deb from Connecticut (she was going to share a room with us in Boston, remember?) wants to go… and Pamela and Julie, and who else?

  15. Nick says:


    Yep DC’s my neighborhood, or Silver Spring Maryland to be precise. What is DCP? Where will DCP have its table after the march? Where on the mall? The mall is BIG.

  16. Ginny in CO says:


    I can’t go because I Have a job. Would be delighted to help you out. If you can get me a location & identification through Pamela, I could send a WU money gram

    My Dad lives in Silver Spring but they are away on vacation. 9/25 is his 80th birthday so some of the family will be there. I am going to suggest they join Cyndy.

  17. Ginny in CO says:


    Just found out they messed up my schedule so I am working today. I will watch my email and could go over to Safeway on my dinner break to send it.

  18. Marjorie G says:

    Did I miss something. Is KJ joining in MD, or thinking it a good idea for everyone else?

  19. Ginny in Co says:


    I got the impression kj was trying to make plans and then decided that their economic situation (she just quit her job) was too strained to go.

    I couldn’t go because taking unscheduled leave after the schedule is out becomes something they can beat you with, cut your raise, etc. So I would be happy to assist her.

  20. Marjorie

    I’m trying to figure out if I can scrounge together air fare for 2 and join you all. Can’t go with out my daughter. A friend here may have a line on a place for a few people to stay as well.

  21. I’ll be in DC for the weekend. Bush must go!!! I’m staying at my son’s(Mike) apartment. Kelly a friend of mine, is staying there too.

    I’d found out Kelly was planning to go down with a group from her town, but she hadn’t made reservations early enough and the only places left were too expensive. She said she was thinking of asking a GOP friend of hers who lives in DC if she could crash there. I told her I didn’t think her friend would be exactly thrilled about what she was visiting DC for that weekend 😉 So now she’s staying at the apt too.

    Pamela, I don’t know if you saw on a blog post I made a while ago. I mentioned if you were coming to DC and needed a place to stay you could crash with us at Mike’s apt too. It’s only a small efficiency, but he has a couch and I have 3 blow up beds. Be a tight fit, but if needed, we can make room for 1 or 2 more besides the 3 of us.

    I have pre-approval from Mike to offer crashing space at his place to any of my old KFF heroes. He’s heard about all of you constantly for almost 2 years now 🙂

    It’s a great location, couple blocks from GW(he’s in law school), so its the foggy bottom area. It’s about 5 blocks from the white house, few blocks to the Lincoln memorial, Vietnam War memorial, etc

    If you don’t make it out then we may be able to fit 1 or 2 others of the old Kerry gang in, if anyone finds they need a place to crash.

  22. Marjorie G says:

    Dave, count me in for another favor. Two today. I can manage marching with the backpack of incidentals, but a blanket roll?

    Let me know. Will talk soon.

  23. Marjorie G says:

    Pam, hope you can manage this.

  24. Oh you guys… I realy want to. I have not even looked at airfare yet. Will do tomorrow. I can’t come with out the teen who would never speak to me again, if she didn’t come with. LOL! She’ll have more energy than the all of us! Will see what I can find for airfares.


    Will take you up on the offer if we can come, unless my friend here who is going comes up with the “empty house” he thinks might be available.


    I hope so too.

  25. Please help us get the word out about Building Bushville, DC on 9/11. We are only rabble-rousing – we have no headcount, no organization, just lots of people spreading the word.

    Send 10 emails plugging . Please. This is going the be history, folks.

  26. Suzanne D. says:

    (read the sarcasm here!) Oh, but Kitty Pilgrim and Lou Dobbs thinks “exploited” those poor victims of Katrina for their own nefarious political purposes by giving them those “SHAME” signs for the protest in front of the White House. (sarcasm ends here)

    Write to Lou Dobbs and tell him you wonder how FORCED those Katrina evacuees (did they whip them, beat them?) to protest…Please let Dobbs know that we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more. We can’t let the Lou & Kitty team deride those people too, as just “tools” of the left. I hope people realize how CRUCIAL Sept. 24th is at this point. If we have a huge turnout on that day, the media won’t be able to deride Americans who have HAD ENOUGH. Even the Baltimore Sun carried an editorial comment saying “IT’S TIME FOR THEM TO GO.”

  27. kj says:

    Oh wow!!! {{{Ginny}}} You are so sweet. Listen, if Dave’s son can fit us all in, and I arrive in DC on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday morning around 9:30 am, Southwest has a roundtrip non-stop flight we can swing.

    But I think I might be the one more that won’t fit, if I counted right, there would be 7 people at Dave’s son’s apartment. That could be too tight. I can’t imagine 7 of us waiting on the shower! But then again, if he’s up for a challenge… and you know, showers are overrated… LOL

    But we’d have to get Pamela’s daughter Julia there… Pam, can you take her out of school? She really needs to be part of this event. I’d rather Julie goes than I go, if need be.

  28. kj says:

    Ginny, I wasn’t clear above! The Southwest fare will be *under* $200. I can swing that and the other misc. expenses, meals, etc. esp if the trip is short. But, if you want to chat, Ron, Pamela, Marjorie and Teresa all have my home email. I’d post it here, but spam… 🙁

  29. Marjorie G says:

    Be still my heart, KJ & Pam, don’t get my hopes and wimp out, unless for outrageously good reason.

  30. kj says:

    No way, Marjorie. I’m going, *if* Dave’s poor son can squeeze me in somewhere. (A closet will be fine!)

    As for Pamela, if she can find a way to swing Julie’s airfare… well, I’d call her right now but it’s too early on the West Coast, she’s probably asleep.

    Do you realize that if we can all go you will have met everyone beforehand? {{{Marj}}}

  31. I’ll just have to check with Mike and see if 7 would fit. We can probably do it if we push his couch against the wall. I think I can probably fit the single air mattress in his closet and I could sleep in there. I believe the two other air mattresses are queen size, but might not really be big enough for two people. I’ll try to talk to him tomorrow. I can buy another single mattress or two if needed. Just have to make sure they will all fit(and warn him how many of us there will be, though he may get a kick out of it).

    KJ, as you mentioned, since he only has one, the biggest bottleneck could be the bathroom. We’ll jsut have to hand out numbers and keep the line moving :-). Though one of his neighbors has a huge place, so in the mornings some of us could always just walk 5 blocks to the white house and ask the “compassionate conservatives” currently residing there if they could help a neighbor out by sharing some of their bathrooms. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind 😉

    BTW KJ, you got mail.

  32. BTW, Mike has internet cable access and a wireless router, so anyone bringing a laptop will have net access in his apt too.

    This is really looking up to be a great time in DC! Just between Mike’s apt and Karen’s house alone, most of the old gang will all be protesting in DC together!

    Is Dr. Ron by any chance coming out too?

  33. Dave

    So far no go on good deals for airfare from LA. I searched high and low. Going to try again later or tomorrow. Time to watch the concert now…

  34. Just called Mike. His IM away message indicated he’s “Chilling in the Greatest City in America for the evening”(which meant he’s in Baltimore, that’s their city motto). Assume some of the Hopkins gang still there must be celebrating something…

    In any case, I asked him if there was a limit to how many people could crash at his Apt for protest weekend. He said as many as I wanted. He agreed we could probably swing 7 and that yes, I should be able to fit a single bed in the closet. 🙂

    I’ll talk to him over the next couple of days and we’ll work out what we need to do to make 7 work and anything less should be a breeze.

    If I have the count right, if every comes and stays at the apt the 7 would be:
    Pamela’s daughter

    Be a big group for an efficiency apt but we’ll be out and about most of the time performing our patriotic duty anyway, so it’s all good!

  35. Oops, just saw your post Pamela. 🙁 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some good rates open up… ttyl

  36. Dave

    Don’t forget to report on tomorrow. So far no luck. But to be on the safe side, KJ and I were talking, we would have to fly in Friday if we do. Particularly me and mine. No way we could Red Eye it and then march after sleeping on the plane. So that would mean 2 nights there. Friday and Saturday.

    Another option I looked at is if money magically appears there are still hotels for a little more with a package through the online travel websites.