Michael Brown: You’re Pink Slip is Waiting

Michael Brown, the Arabian horse hustler is one piece of work, but so is the administration that gave him the cushy job at FEMA. It appears that everyone must have thought that he’d never be called upon to do anything there, because clearly the man had NO qualifications what so ever. This only begins to speak of the truth behind the travesty called FEMA, Homeland Security and the Bush administration…

Time magazine has revealed that “they found discrepancies in his online legal profile and official bio, including a description of Brown released by the White House at the time of his nomination in 2001 to the job as deputy chief of FEMA.”

Hat tip to Bill the PunditGuy for … Liar, Liar, Resume on Fire!

FEMA head Michael Brown has had a tough couple of weeks. Politicians are in front of cameras calling for his resignation, petitions are being signed for his removal, bloggers want him to assume room temperature, and the talking heads on cable repeat his name no less than 30 times in an hour.

It’s good to know the calls for Brown’s head to roll are bi-partisan! My questions is what will it take for a bi-partisan call for impeachment?

Incase anyone missed it, Ron has more on the FEMA Leaders Lack of Disaster Experience, here.

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