Protestors at the White House: Shame on Bush

More than 150 protestors organized today outside of the White House including a few evacuees from Hurricane Katrina. There’s a movement underway to build an encampment of evacuees on the Washington Mall, starting on 9/11, I posted about that last night here. The cries of anger towards the Bush administration are growing louder by the day. With in a couple of weeks thousands of people will mobilize on Washington, DC in a mass protest against the Iraq war (Sept 24 – 26). The LCV is organizing a rally on Sept 20th, Arctic Refuge Action Day.
AFP/Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

I want to know what the government is gonna do now … I’m very angry,” said Michelle Augillard, a student who fled her native New Orleans before Katrina hit.

With the US flag flying at half mast over the White House out of respect for the hurricane victims, the protestors chanted “Impeach Bush” and held up blue and yellow banners reading: “Shame” and “Help the Hurricane Victims.”

The demonstration was organised by the liberal activist group,

Bush and his administration have come under intense criticism over the past week for what was seen as the sluggish federal response to Katrina, which is feared to have left thousands dead across the US Gulf coast.

“There was no response from the federal government,” said Iona Renfroe, who was evacuated from New Orleans on Wednesday.

Things are definitely heating up in Washington, perhaps it’s time for Bush to resign and hightail it back to the ranch in Crawford or other places unknown.

DCP has a great post on this here.

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33 Responses to Protestors at the White House: Shame on Bush

  1. michael says:

    omg u niggas stop complaining about bush.didnt george washington BUSH found america?anyone who criticizes him is UNPATRIOTIC and should b shipped off to iraq to fight his daddy’s war.Why we’d all b picking cotton if it wasnt for Bush in louisaina.Doesnt america belong to the Bush family?
    Appreicate the Irony.

  2. Michael

    I hope the heck that is irony. No America doesn’t belong to the Bush family. They made that clear a long time ago!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are at the point where we need to go to a design-build model for implementing security.

  4. Anonymous says:

    George feels no shame,he talks to god. the shameless bastard.

  5. Anonymous

    I often wondered who that God is he talks to.

  6. Heteraetcaetera says:


    Nature: lovely, varied, useful,
    Is many things, but never neutral.
    Whomever poisons a neighbour’s wells
    Will perish in her heatquake spells;
    He who schemes to spoil her splendour
    At once becomes a prime offender:
    She’ll interfere with his endeavour,
    Conjure plagues from cruel ways
    And fervent maladies from wasted days.
    The choice is ours – for chose we may –
    To live and bless another day:

  7. Heteraetcaetera Says:
    September 8th, 2005 at 11:27 pm

    Yes he is! Thanks for the poetry.

  8. Greenback says:

    Cheney is first on the scene of collecting hurricane debris. The stage is set. He appears standing in a neighborhood, a home with a porch and a humble yet charming front lawn littered with Katrina debris. He’s assuming command of collecting all things washed up by the storm. He’s in charge of taking whatever is found in a city which has just been flushed. Imagine what you could find.

    Let us not make the same mistake as 9/11 and allow evidence of a catastrophe to be destroyed (steel from the Towers was imediately shipped off to the smelts in China before any forensic analysis – crime.). All debris should be sifted through by a citizens comittee. This is historical evidence for securing the nation for either sabatoge or hurricane readiness. We don’t know if this was a terrorists attack or Homeland sabatoge. Ultimately, we need to understand how the levy was breached if we hope to build a better levy, a safer New Orleans and a sustainable Gulf Coast.

  9. Greenback

    Yes, we need to email our Senators and Congress members and tell them to demand a citizens committee.

  10. Vanna LaRoche says:

    >>Yes, we need to email our Senators and Congress members and tell them to demand a citizens committee.

  11. Jim says:

    Note that when Cheney went down to Louisiana he was at one point heckled by someone shouting “Go F___ yourself, Cheney”. Cheney and the interviewer tried to ignore it, but the guy popped off again, “F___ you, Cheney!”

    Exactly right. Anytime any of these slimey shits show up, we should rise in righteous indignation and call them just what they are — lowlifes who care nothing about this nation or it’s people, traitors to the human race.

    Look at Bush’s eyes. They are as empty as a cesspool. The guy is a Sociopath and a psychopath.

  12. Nancy Jameson says:

    Kanye West was right when he said ” Bush doesn’t care about black people”.

    But he forgot to mention Bush doesn’t care about poor people or old people either.

    And if you’re poor, old, and black……….forget it, you may as well sit down and die. Which is what some people did.

  13. Romelee says:

    My God not like their God Iwas taught to love everyone .They pray for to farther their agendas .Help us all.

  14. Kathleen says:

    Perhaps Bush prays to Mars, the god of war. W stand for Wall to Wall War.

  15. La Feria says:

    Check-out Mr President’s jaw when he speaks – alot of grinding going on ( especially right after the storm!) abit too much one think’s – occam’s razor!

    Beware this quote: Attributed to Mdm de Pompadour –

    “Apres nous le deluge, apres le deluge – nous”

  16. l.f.b. says:

    If W talks to God, does God talk back? Because if he does why the hell didn’t he warn of the disaster that was looming?

  17. Fred says:

    Who’s listening? 40% STILL APPROVE of the job Bush is doing as president!

    Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld/Wofowitz/et al– they are all bound for Hell, and they want to take us all there with them.

    The Bible that Bush claims to have read twice (but obviously could not understand) says, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”. This means that the death and destruction that the US has delivered to Afghanistan and Iraq must come back to the US. Could this devastation in the Gulf be the beginning of our reaping? How much more suffering will we have to face before we reject the madness of these warmongers? We absolutely MUST get rid of the whole gang of retarded crooks in the Bush/Cheney administration before they destroy the world.

    The world can’t wait. Neither can we.

  18. Warpster says:

    I hate to point this out, but that flag flying at half staff has nothing to do with respect for the dead in New Orleans and the other regions hit by Katherine and neglected by Bush. That half staff flag is showing the deep mourning for Rehnquist, arguably the worst chief justice in USSC history regarding the rights of ordinary citizens.

    They’d never honor the deaths of the people who worked hard to keep this country running.

  19. Warpster

    I believe you are right – it’s for Rehnquist

  20. wkitwizard says:


    Failed at every job you’ve ever been given? Then follow in the same footsteps of our great leader, George W. He’s completely failed at leading the country, waging a war on “terror”, balancing the budget, reducing gas prices, home prices, government spending, civil liberties,even a Texas baseball team! Remember those trite slogans: “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Mission Accomplished”, “Bring It On”? Complete failures, all of them.There’s hope for every person in a drug rehab that the Republican party will give them a chance to screw up the society as much as Bush has. You just have to promise to do everything Karl Rove tells you. And remember, repeat all his moronic slogans as you would chant a mantra, continuously until the public swallows it. Drink deep from the Koolaid cup! Feel reality slipping away? Soon, you can invade any country, rob any group of citizens of their civil rights, overturn established laws, thumb your nose at the entire civilized world and call anyone who doesn’t blindly follow you, a “dirty, scum Liberal”..JFK once said: “A society is only as great as it’s ability to help it’s weakest citizens.” Our government showed the world how important the citizens of New Orleans were. I used to live in the United States of America. Now I live in a “homeland” Cons to USA-GO CHENEY YOURSELF!

  21. United States says:


  22. Thomas Jelf says:

    I am a white male veteran of the Korean war. Hurricane Katrina proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that George W Bush is a racist and I hope that the African-Americans will come together and make life miserable for him and and it is absolutely necessary for all americans to join in and help them. Lets not forget that he hates the poor white people too. George W Bush is a poor excuse for a human being and its time for all of us to get together and kick him out of office. Lets get to it.

  23. Thomas

    Yes! Thank you! Let’s get to it!

  24. Please help Build Bushville, DC on 9/11.

    Civil Disobedience on the Mall.

  25. Jean E. says:

    I think the members of this administration should not only be impeached but incarcerated for the crinimal act they committed, by ignoring the people of New Orleans.Bush was playing guitar, Cheney was absent again, Rice was shoe shopping , etc. They could care less about the American peole. It’s all about their power and wealth.

  26. CV says:

    Bushville, like Hooverville, is just the start. Another demo planned for the 15th. Then on the 24th 25th and 26th the real party starts, Camp Casey on the Mall, a million pissed off American showing how people power works!
    Jim is right, don’t be polite to these thugs, screw up every bit of their propaganda that you can reach. They shield themselves so well that it’s hard to get near them, but if you get a chance, jump on it!
    Fred, you will be happy to hear, yesterday’s poll results show an erosion in W’s base numbers, Republicans that weren’t fully committed to the thug’s extremism have started to see what they have wrought. it’s only a slight movement in overall points, but sorted for Party Affil it’s around a 10 point swing, that’s significant.
    Thomas Jeff, You’ve hit on a point here.
    The media images and commentary would have you believe that all of Katrina’s victims are African Americans. Many of them are, but there are Cajun, Caucasian and Asian populations that also took a hit. Old people of many colors, fringe people (and New Orleans is/was a nexus of fringe), all got it, the folks who got out were people who could afford to. The common thread isn’t race, it’s net worth. Black people that owned cars drove out when the white people that owned cars did. It’s all about the money (as usual).
    Repeating the racism meme helps the thugs in a perverse way, by making it just THEIR problem, just black folk, no one you know, don’t worry. It’s the same trick they are trying to pull on Soc Sec, means testing will make it a program for poor people, another welfare, so people that aren’t desparately poor have no (perceived) stake in supporting it.
    The Thugs have assaulted all of US and it will take ALL of US to stop them. They will do anything they can to keep us divided, by race, by gender, by faith, by preference, by whatever, carefully not mentioning wealth, because if the poorer people get together, they outnumber the rich, 98 to 2.
    So plan to be in Washington this month, the 26th will be a pivotal day in America’s history. You won’t want to miss it, it would be worse than missing Woodstock. From New Orleans refugees to Cindy Sheehan, Iraq war vets and American Friends Service, National guards and their husbands and kids, the broadest cross section of our Nation must be included.
    Saturday the 24th, a half million mourners candlelight vigil around the White House all night ought to disturb baby W’s sleep, no? Sunday will see crowds building, rallys and music. When Congress arrives for work on Monday the 26th they should face one million of their constituents surrounding the capitol. Not business as usual!
    No Justice?
    No Peace!
    End the war
    Bring our troops home
    no permanent bases in the Middle East
    Our National Guard should be here, defending OUR nation
    Our National Treasury is needed to rebuild OUR nation
    See you in the streets

  27. gonnuts says:

    Emails? Letters? When are you people going to get it? Sitting on your ass in front of your computer is just going to make your ass wider and make the recipients of these useless outpourings of rage laugh harder at your ineptitude and ineffectuality.
    The time is long overdue for action. We need to interrupt our lives, put your routines and jobs aside pick up the pitchfork and place our bodies on the streets! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to change unless we have a show of force and numbers that not even the corporate owned media can spin.
    The politicians are the LAST ones to hold themselves accountable. They can have all the committee meetings and fact finding bullshit investigations they want. We the people already know who’s to blame. Katrina was a natural disaster. The bush administration is a national disaster.

  28. Brendan O'Maidian says:

    George “Body Bags” Bush will know biblical wrath when he discovers that his Samson strength derived from the traitorous acts of the members of his “administration,” will come tumbling down now that NOLA (not Delilah) has shorn away his hair. All of the spin and grin that has epitomized his snake oil charm, will collapse around him when his big White House turns to rubble caused by rebels who have had enough.
    If he survives, he’ll return to Crawford where he can snort his Colombian Gold and surround his palace with mercenaries while politicians try to show their “patriotism” to Americans who will demand paper trail voting from now on.
    Diebold and the other traitors (JEB, Harris, Blackwell, et al.) who helped steal the past three national elections, should go down, too. Such a cleanup witll make the rebuilding of New Orleans and Iraq, look like a Sunday afternoon tea party. And, while we’re on that topic, let’s not leave out the people who betrayed the UK, too, Blair and his greedy lot.
    Remember, Lott was the incestuous father of two girls, and when his wife looked back as Sodom was destroyed, she turned to salt. What a pity should that happen to ol’ Body Bags Bush, and to Laura, who is just as complicit in all of this treachery to our planet. To cap it off, the spy cover- blower, Rove, should be thrown to the lions.
    How will the Mainstream Media cover all of this…with thumbs down, you can bet.

  29. Gar says:

    Nancy Jameson,

    Bush loves Condi Rice & she was black last time I checked. This comment is not intended to knock blacks but to dispel the myth that Bush cares about Whites or Hispanics. He cares only for his elitist corporate cronies.

    Do you see? If your an elitist you get a seat at the table no matter your skin color. Race baiting allows them to get away it. By having whites & blacks at each other’s throats the elitist plunders the masses.

    Wake up America!

    White people were left for dead in this storm too & I suspect some Hispanics, Asians & Indians were as well. During Isabel people were abandoned just the same but fortunately the storm was not as massive. And what about all those people being shipped to Iraq to die for Bush’s lies? How many of them are the sons & daughters of our elitist leaders???

    The incompetent elitist leader Condi Rice who happens to be black thought shoe shopping was more important than PEOPLE drowning just as our incompetent elitist leader Bush who happens to be white cared more about vacationing.

    These leaders despise the poor & have nothing but contempt for the middle class that they are trying to eliminate. Those little poor white towns were wiped out as well but they go largely unnoticed because they are not large towns. The big story here is that Bush abandoned his red states, cities & all of those small little towns that voted for him. Point being that I see the outrage over the slow response & the feeling of abandonment but where is the outrage over the betrayal? Where is the outrage over Bush failing to accept help from 94 nations that offered emergency relief while large sections are America were dying?

    The days of plunder will follow with contractors using the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act to pay substandard wages while corporate cronies walk off with another windfall of record profits at the taxpayer’s expense & the victims are left with shoddily constructed homes. The same war profiteering we witnessed in Iraq will now be visited on Americans. Just like we are all being plundered everyday at the pump.

    Sure there is always a racist element at play but don’t make the mistake of walking into that same old trap. As racial charges fly let us not forget the good Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians along with all other good & decent human beings that took in those ravaged by the storm no matter their skin color.

    People unite, organize & protest but even more important vote the republicans & those democrats in name only out of power. It’s no longer acceptable to say that my representative who failed to stand up is OK when that representative enabled the decline of America by making excuses or rubber stamping for Bush.

  30. Gar says:

    Typo correction, “are America” changed to “of America” in this sentence:

    Where is the outrage over Bush failing to accept help from 94 nations that offered emergency relief while large sections of America were dying?

    Besides that sentence needs repeating! That would make a good protest sign.

  31. gonnuts Says: September 10th, 2005 at 8:26 am

    Some people have children and businesses they are responsible for. If spreading the word on the internet and being on the ground locally is the extent of their ability to help make a difference, we need not chastize them.

  32. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Gar, check out the news blogs from my local area that I put on the following post. You might see some of that outrage you are talking about, if you look at the one titled “Open Letter to the President”.

  33. dark rider says:


    Note: Impeach Bush was the #1 searched phrase on for three days straight.

    Skeletons (Real Ones) in Bush’s Closet

    There are some very troubling developments regarding the collecting of bodies in NOLA. The company hired to do the collection is Kenyon International. Kenyon International is owned by SCI, a major Bush contributor. SCI was involved in a scandal alled “Funeralgate” wherein thousands of bodies were improperly and fraudulently disposed of in mass graves of in violation of numerous State and Federal laws on numreous occasions. Rather than prosecute the company, the then Governor George W Bush and and his campaign manager and future FEMA director Joe Allbaugh at least seemingly helped the company engage in a coverup. Both Bush and Allbaugh were named as defendants in a lawsuit regarding the issue.

    The fact FEMA and the Bush Administration seem to be intent on blocking media coverage of the collection of bodies, and unsubstantiated rumours of “mishandling” of bodies in NOLA already circulating on the internet, a charge on National TV by Jefferson Parish President that FEMA cut their emergency communications, reports by very reputable Journalists such as Brian Williams that officials were pointing guns at members of the media in a blatant attempt to intimidate them, and numerous reports by Ham radio operators that emergency frequencies were being jammed from somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico should lead to great concern among the public. Is the Government planning to cover up the number of dead in NOLA as they covered up the Abu Ghraib scandal?

    One thing is certain: reporters for the Dallas times caught Police and National Guardsmen red handed in this video:

    telling the media they were rounding up dogs to be collected by the ASPCA and other animal groups, when in fact they were caught “exterminating” them on camera. If the government will lie about that, what else will they lie about?

    The American people deserve to know the truth. The collection of American bodies should not be farmed out to a Bush political crony, one which he seemingly helped cover up the “mishandling” of bodies…a felony. SCI’s criminal practice of “mishandling” bodies should preclude it from engaging in or profiting from the recovery of American bodies anywhere, but particularly in NOLA…the outcome of the investigation is too important to leave to a company with such a tainted past, particulary one that is so incestuously connected to George W Bush, and particularly when the Bush administration has so much to lose from an accurate body count.

    The US media must be allowed to report on a crucial element of one of the gravest governmental crises in American history. Congress should demand that Kenyon International be FIRED immediately from any and all recovery efforts in NOLA, and send an independent oversight group to be present in NOLA and the surrounding area during the body recovery to insure the American people are not being duped. These are not hanging chads, these are American citizens.The present leadership within FEMA and the Bush administration have
    proven themselves unworthy of American trust.

    Following is a list of links detailing some very disturbing allegations involving GW Bush, Joe Allbaugh, and the company entrusted by the American people to recover the dead abandoned by the Bush administration after hurricane Katrina…are you listening America?

    Please dont just read this info, do something about it!

    Contact Congress and the National Media to launch a formal inquiry, help disseminate this info on the blogs. Its time to bring back accountbility to our government.

    Permission to use this post for any reason is granted Universally without charge or obligation.



    The same firm that provided “security and consulting” services at in Iraq is now in NOLA. Among its employees, BLACKWATER has recruited war criminals from Pinochets Chile. Dangerous coyboys “deputized” to arrest or shoot American citizens in NOLA
    All payed for by you and me:

    Homeland security says they’re not there, but their website says otherwise:


    Impeachment Proceedings

    The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday became the nation’s first local government to ask Congress to look into impeaching President Bush on charges he deceived the American public about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and has used the Sept. 11 attacks as an excuse to crush civil rights.

    In a 6-1 vote, the council decided to send a letter to members of the House Judiciary Committee asking the panel to investigate the president.