FEMA: The Red Tape Federal Agency

What on Earth are these people thinking? We’ve had tales from across the country of people rushing to help in the Gulf Coast only to be turned away or left waiting for FEMA to do their job. Here’s yet another, of a trucker turned victim by FEMA…

Trucker Stranded With Load Of Water For Hurricane Victims

KNBC-TV – LOS ANGELES – A trucker who volunteered to carry supplies to hurricane-ravaged communities has been stranded for nearly one week in Mississippi. Phillip Jacobs, a driver for American Nickell Carriers, remained stranded Thursday night in the Gulfport, Miss., area. He has been communicating with the Ontario company and family members through online messages.

“He went there to help, and now he’s sorry,” said dispatcher Stacy Lopez. “He’s a victim now. He’s hungrier and thirstier than the victims.”

Jacbos left Sept. 2 with a semitrailer load of bottled water. When the truck reached its destination Sunday, FEMA officials told Jacobs to wait in a long line with other truckers.

Jacobs told Lopez that he has been given one meal per day. He said the bottled water remains on the truck.

“My drivers so wanted to help that they just wanted to get there as fast as possible,” said Donna Nickell, of American Nickell Carrier. “He’s just been sitting there since Sunday, knowing that he’s got all this water to help these victims.”

Company officials said only FEMA officials are allowed to open the semitrailer and distribute the water.

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3 Responses to FEMA: The Red Tape Federal Agency

  1. florida dem says:

    Bush down to 39 percent approval in new AP Poll!!!!

    Apparently the AP can not come to grips with Shrubs falling poll numbers. Instead of reporting his latest lackluster numbers, they lead the story with the numbers on how America feels NO should or should not be rebuilt.

    Here are the numbers…..

    Almost two-thirds, 65 percent, say the country is headed in the wrong direction – up from 59 percent last month. President Bush’s job approval was at 39 percent, the lowest point since AP-Ipsos began measuring public approval of Bush in December 2003.

    Two-thirds of those surveyed say the federal government was not adequately prepared to respond to the disaster. About the same number said the state and local governments deserve much of the blame for the slow response.

    Blacks were especially upset with Bush; 78 percent of blacks blamed the president for the poor response, compared to 49 percent of whites.

    A third of the country felt the government would have responded faster if the victims weren’t mostly poor and black.

    The sentiment most expressed by people about the tragedy was anger – two-thirds said they were deeply angry that relief for the victims was so slow.

    Despite their gloomy mood, people are donating to hurricane victims at record levels. More than 80 percent said they had already given money.

    The poll of 1,002 adults was taken Sept. 6-8 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


  2. Marjorie G says:

    Look what a little reporting and some visuals will do to opinion. And the country hasn’t even come to grips with how callously, and greedily, our current leaders allowed it to happen, so they can rebuild the ports and city without worrying about all the inconvenient poor.

    Bush & Co. had no idea how many they were killing, and didn’t care enough to leave their vacations. Just think what some visuals and real reporting of Iraq could have done. Certainly not “stay the course,” when we didn’t know the why, what and how of the course.

  3. Ginny in CO says:


    What is beyond belief to me is that the South is so much of his base, so solidly behind him that Nick and others right off getting any of them to give electoral college votes to a Dem in the forseeable future. The damage goes far beyond NO and it was well known that it would.

    Now the Southerners everywhere but FL can only try to block out the contrast in the response to the FL hurricanes and theirs.

    BTW, have fun w Dave and tell JK we are behind him all the way.