La. Expects ‘Massive’ Wildlife Habitat Damage

Reuters reports that Louisiana is expected to see “massive” widlife habitat damage. This damage will have not only environmental impact but economic impact as well, as the “state provides 40 percent of U.S. seafood.” Biologists expect to find major destruction when they take their first close-up look at Hurricane Katrina’s … Continue reading

Newsweek: Katrina’s “Ultimate Casualty Could Be President George W. Bush”

It seems as though the free passes for Bush from the media may be finally over. Newsweek reports: Hurricane Katrina claimed her first political casualty Friday. Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, the federal disaster readiness and response agency, was sidelined from the largest disaster relief project in the nation’s … Continue reading

John Kerry to Deliver Supplies to New Orleans Area

Earlier, I posted the press release about the legislation that John Kerry sponsored on the Senate floor Friday that will help Small Businesses and others affected by Katrina by providing “some relief to them that’s immediate.” And now here comes news that John Kerry has chartered a plane to bring supplies to the New Orleans area on Sunday and beyond… Continue reading