John Kerry Stumps for Corzine in NJ

John Kerry made a swing through New Jersey on today campaigning for Jon Corzine. He appeared at a series of events to rally the Democratic Party faithful in NJ. Kerry is also expected to stump in St. Paul for Chris Coleman in October.

“Karynnj” posted this report on DU of one of the events:

It was incredible – the event was planned last Monday and was publicized mostly by emails to Kerry’s list, robot(?) phone calls that Kerry recorded, and the Daily Record article yesterday – which the coordinator was actually surprised by – there were OVER 500 people there. This is HUGE for Morris County. There should be some local coverage because at least 2 reporters (from small weeklies) were there along with a WNYC (PBS) reporter. I think the Daily Record was there too – but was not sure. (The crowd was entirely there because of Kerry – everyone else was a county level Democrat – in a Republican county!)

It was outside a restaurant in an area where they usually have outside dining. Kerry was about an hour late and he was cheered when he arrived. After about 15 minutes of short speeches by a few local Democrats, Kerry was introduced.

He endorsed Jon Corzine, mentioning that it was Corzine who after some of the corporate scandals wrote most of the legislation that became the Sarbanes/ Oxley bill that brought accountibility to corporations. He said something about holding the government accountable was part of citizenship.

karynnj photo

He talked about how he wanted everyone to work as hard as they did last year for him to support Corzine and the local Democrats. He especially mentioned not wanting to lose the young people who worked so hard last year. He talked about how close it was and mentioned that since the election, especially recently, some Republicans have told him they realize they made a mistake in voting against him.

One interesting comment was that we would likely hear awful things (about Corzine) as the campaign goes on because that is the way they play the game. He then said that it was our job to learn the facts and talk to friends and neighbors to refute the likely lies.

He used the example of the environmental movement in the 70s as an example of when people demanded change and held the worst congressmen accountable. He also talked about having a campaign event with Landrieu last year that supported spending $14 billion to make N.O. environmentally sound and he criticized the response to the hurricane mentioning that Bush went to CA for a fund raiser. He criticized giving the contract to Halliburton and mentioned the need to rebuild the economy. (He mentioned small businesses.)

He mentioned having been in Iraq, finding there are still only about 1,500 fully trained Iraqis and that they are still up-armoring humvees. All of this was tied to the need for accountability.

He also talked again about reading the New Testament to see if he had missed anything – but found there was nothing about taking money from the poor to give to the rich, not giving kids health insurance etc.

He made a few jokes:
– He talked of finding a dusty lamp in Iowa. Thinking he had 3 wishes, he wished for a Patriots victory, a Red Sox victory, and then he asked that he be elected President of the United States. The genie then told him that due to the Bush economy they had downsized the number of wishes to two.

– He also talked about how Labor Day which we recently celebrated was a day that honored workers and gave them a day where they didn’t have to do anything – like the Bush administration did every day.

– When he talked of not knowing what Brown would do back in the White House – some one said “He can take care of the horses”. Kerry responded very quickly that there were some part of horses there. (Is that the aloof, elitist MA Jr Senator?) He also made fun of Bush keeping Brown, but removing him from his role in the Gulf, by saying that he thought he was now in charge of the next cyclone or tropical storm.

Later when he was getting into the minivan taking them to the next stop, he shook hands with a few people who ran over. Several people called out they loved him, the not very aloof Senator immediately responded that he loved them too.

There are more photos on DU from the event here, here, here and here.

UPDATE: More in the Blogosphere tonight on John Kerry in NJ – Took A Break And Saw John Kerry.

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12 Responses to John Kerry Stumps for Corzine in NJ

  1. Another treat fro Kerry supporters on DU –

    What Would John Kerry Do?

  2. Great, this post of mine will actually be on topic for a change 🙂

    Yep Senator Kerry was in NJ today and Marjorie, Alan, Kelly and I got to attend the primo NJ event!!!

    Sounds like the info from the DU post gave a pretty good recap of a lot of what JK had to say. (I just did a quick scan. I’ll go back and read it all in a sec)

    Pamela, and the rest of the old gang, you don’t know how much I wish you all could have been there with us today. Marjorie and Alan made it down from Brooklyn and they and my old buddy Kelly and I headed over to the Jon Corzine party to await our special guest 🙂

    It even started out great as soon as we got there. After we parked on the front lawn(great house with a HUGE yard) as we’re walking up to sign in, I heard Laurie yell Marjorie! Laurie had a huge smile on her face!. Laurie and Silvio(he’s Corzine’s Mercer County Field Director) have split up the county and volunteers between them. About a month ago, Laurie had mentioned she was in NH for the six months before the NH primary. As it turns out, Laurie is who Marjorie was working with on all her road trips to NH! And they meet again in NJ at a Corzine for Gov event with JK! Pretty cool!

    All the local pols were introduced first while we waited for the guest of honor. State Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman(also head of the NJ Democratic State Committee) was great as usual. She’s an awesome lady!(I was actually making calls for Corzine using her office all morning in Trenton, which is why I’d asked Kelly to pick up Marjorie and Alan at the train station for me.

    When JK stepped through the patio door the crowd erupted. My Congressman, the great Rush Holt spoke and then my(our) President, John Kerry. I just wish the rest of you could have been there with us, and I really wish my son could have been there too 🙁

    There were only about 200 or so of us in the back yard, which was great. It was by special invitation only, unlike like the 3 earlier morning events at larger venues in North Jersey.

    JK was great, of course! Relaxed, funny, speaking thoughtfully and intelligently on numerous subjects, on both the national and state levels and touching on historical notes when appropriate. JK spoke about working with Jon in the Senate, how much he will miss him when he leaves to become our Governor and how much he respects him and the reasons why. JK then also mentioned that actually, he’d been planning on leaving the Senate first, a little before Corzine 😉

    JK also reminded everyone that our Governor’s race is not only important for NJ, it’s actually a very important national race this year. JK said the country’s eyes are on this race, the Bush Admin and GOP really wants to win this one extremely badly, they need the bragging rights so they can try to use it to “prove” to the rest of the country that Bush and the GOP’s policies, are the right ones and attempt to use it to turn things around for them by saying this shows the public is with us etc. So JK was telling us we didn’t want to just win it, we want to win it big, to send a message.

    JK also warned everyone, that as everyone should know now, things are going to turn very very nasty the next few weeks in our Governor’s race. As we all know, it’s what the GOP does, its all they have now, they can’t win elections on actual issues and policies, so it ain’t going to be pretty.

    As it turned out, Jon Corzine wasn’t even at the event. They must have split up and Jon must have been doing some other events. I’ll be seeing Jon again at a BBQ Monday, so that’s cool. BTW, besides Jon Corzine being a great Senator, he really truly seems like a real good guy, from the times I’ve met him so far. He is very serious about grass roots participation, hearing from all of us, as he as shown at the BBQs and other events I’ve attended.

    BTW, Marvin is still with JK and was there, which Marjorie and Alan were very happy to see and they got to chat with Marvin some.

    It seemed at first that JK was getting ready to leave at the end, but then he started to come over to all of us and started chatting and signing autographs. He was working his way toward us, being swarmed of course, with people holding things out for signing etc. He was getting closer when we heard a voice yelling, Senator Kerry, it’s Paul, Paul Krugman. Sure enough I looked up and there is Paul just to my right. (Not surprising since as well as being a great Op Ed writer for the NY times and considered one of the top economists in the country, he’s a Prof at Princeton University. JK saw Paul and got a big smile on his face and started working his way past a few people to get to Paul and his wife, which as luck should have it, placed JK right next to me and us. 🙂 After he finished chatting with Paul, Marvin was trying to get him to leave but I managed to get two Real Deal signs autographed(1 for Kelly and another for me, so now I can give the one he signed in DE to my kid) Got to shake his hand, told him a quick hello from the old Kerry blogger gang and that we still loved him, got a smile and a “that’s great”(kind of a lot going on, jostling and people desperately trying to get autographs as he was leaving). Called my son and of course he was doubly disappointed that he couldn’t be there when he heard Paul was there too(before law school Mike majored in Econ at Hopkins and would have loved to had the chance to meet Krugman, as well as Senator Kerry.

    Then we were leaving and when I was trying to back out the car from the lawn back onto the driveway, I didn’t realize the other side was lined with big rocks and sharp as a tack old Dave backed into them and partially over them, had to pull forward to try to get a better angle but Silvio then asked me to wait a sec, so Senator Kerry’s car could get though. JK had the window down so he could wave to people and Marjorie saw that and leapt out of the back seat(boy is she fast) and she chatted with JK for a bit as his car pulled up.

    What a great day!

    Pamela, I should have the pictures before noon tomorrow and I’ll send them to you so you can put some up if you want. I know its hard to believe I still don’t have digital camera…

    Marjorie is probably home by now or will be shortly. We all went out to dinner and then we dropped them off at the station to catch the 8:15pm back to NY. I’ll let her fill you in on the rest. I’m sure she’ll manage to be a tad more coherent than moi 😉

  3. Dave from Princeton

    Woo Hoo! Great day for you guys. I saw Marvin in Karynnj photos. I think Marvin is like family to JK now.

    Paul Krugman, wow. I love Krugman, we all love Krugman. I couldn’t wait to post when I saw Karynnj’s thread on DU. Were you at the same event or a different one?

    I’m not surprised Marjorie knew someone there. Word is Marjorie knows everyone!

    I’m still trying to figure out how to swing getting to DC. Would actually like to come in Thursday night if at all possible and try to go to JK’s office and Uncle Teddy’s office. This all may be a pipe dream at this point, it’s getting to close and doesn’t look promising.

  4. Yeah, if you could make it out there that would make DC protest weekend perfect. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will suddenly pop up with some cheap seats if the on the planes isn’t full and they cut some fares last minute so they don’t have empty seats going out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    As I mentioned earlier, I checked with Mike and he said 7 of us is fine with him as long we don’t mind being a tad cramped. The old Kerry gang are welcome in his apt, esp you :-). He was actually expecting and hoping like all of us that he’d have 20 of us stufed in his place for the inaguration when everyone came in from all over the country(and world) for the celebration of the century… He’d really like to meet some of the JK gang he’s heard me mention to him a 1000 times over the last 2 years. Me too! Guess I may have to get my butt out to CA one of these days if we can’t get you out here!

    We were at a different event. I believe ours was last. They’d told everyone that we had to arrive prior to 3:30 to get in, due to security concerns. I don’t even actually remember what time it was when JK finally arrived.

    At one point we were told they’d gotten a call and it would be 15 more minutes. I remember at that point thinking that seemed pretty early, esp with NJ traffic and knowing JK is usually always running a tad late 😉 A while later they said he was about 10 minutes away. Maybe Marjorie remembers when JK finally got there. I didn’t even really look at my watch much at all that I can remember. I was just so happy to be there, waiting to see my President, in that beautiful back yard, on a beautiful day, with Kelly, Marj, Alan (and Susan who I’d met at the July 4th parade we were in for Corzine and then hung out together at the following Corzine BBQ in Ewing). I hadn’t seen her again until today at the DSC in Trenton when she stopped in the office I was making calls from to drop off her call sheets with Nick before stopping home to get ready for the JK event.

    Another example of small world today. Until recently, Susan had worked for a number of years for Bloomberg News. When Alan heard her name he recognized it from Bloomberg(he’s a financial journalist)

    I also ran into a bunch of people today who I hadn’t seen since working with them on the Kerry/Edwards campaign. Besides all that, I was also busy happily gobbling up all the great munchies they had out because I was starving and hadn’t eaten anything yet that day. So time was irrelevant today once I was in that back yard. I was one happy contented camper 🙂

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the (god)dess will be smiling on all of us and brings you to DC for us.

  5. Marjorie G says:

    Pamela, wonderful thread at DU. Sometimes I feel like it’s only the few of us in awe and appreciation.

    Dave, my guardian angel today for helping us attend the Mercer County event, thank you! We so loved meeting you both and being treated to such a day.

    You said I’d be coherent. Well, no, as usual when in the presence of greatness, I’m all a gush and in awe.

    Yes, first I saw Lori, and you may have met her, Pam, as head of the Nashua office where you and I met. Long, blond hair, and very smart. She was also part of the Manchester office when I went up in a bus a few times in early fall of ’03 to go door to door, pre-Iowa, when he was down 15 points from Dean. Full circle. And no, Pam, I don’t know everybody.

    At a home, large lawn, fresh air and trees, I felt relaxed. Kerry walks out with that gray thick hair, tanned, looking great in that blue blazer, cannot tell you how I felt for the first time in a long time, well, since November, all is right with the world, finally. I always react that way when I see him, and this time a few inches away for a longer period than usual, as he talked with Paul Krugman and others as he mixed later.

    Yes, Marvin, Chief of Stuff, was also there. One woman credited Kerry with her activism from years ago, and another was giving him advice. Never changes.

    He mentioned he’d/they be coming out with a package for Louisiana very soon. Heard him say the wide dispersal of people was not good, and worried/concerned that the redevelopment should have good overall planning.

    The informal speech was very well delivered. He was confident, grateful, reassuring, relaxed, invigorated, determined, wise, inspirational, forward-thinking, together, a grown-up, and I could go on. Sense that freed from campaigning, he is comfortable leading and accomplishing. I should have taken notes.

    As a nod to the religious-right, he said he re-read the New Testament lately just to see if he missed anything, and commented that nowhere, no parable, does Jesus say to take from the poorest and give to the richest.

    He will be coming out with an Iraq report in a few days, and although didn’t say, I imagine he will be committed to finishing something there as a responsibility for the region. Get your defense ready for the purists.

    Leaving, I jumped out, but without the conversation Dave mentioned. As Kerry drove past, I did manage that we love him, ‘absolutely.’ All I had time or composure for. Kind of like saying to Peggy Cass, in a typical NYC sighting, ‘is that really you.’ Guess today was slightly better.

    Pamela, aka Kerry goddess, please come. There must be a way. This happened at the DNC, too, I think. Throw care to the wind, as well as a few dollars.

  6. Really great to meet you and Alan, Marjorie! I really hope both of your ears have recovered from all my incessant babbling today. Kelly had built up some immunity, since we dated for a year about 10 years ago. (Yes folks, it’s hard to believe but I talk like a write but even more so. Scary huh).

    Thanks for mentioning the Bible riff, it was good and about Iraq. I had just remembered I hadn’t mentioned that JK said he would be releasing a report/statements after his recent fact finding visit.

    All I could think of with JK there today and since is how can so many Americans be so utterly, completely, stupid? We could have had this man for our President, people! WTF is wrong with you! We could have had an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, well reasoned man, who truly cares about people, this country and the entire world. Instead, we have for 4 more years of the worst, most incompetent, dishonest president in the history of this country. A man who cares nothing of other people, is nasty, totally incompetent, failes at every job he has ever had(except for getting them)and as and added bonus, he’s an absolutely horrible excuse for a human being. And it was all totally obvious. It is really getting harder and harder at times for me not to hate many of the people in this country. Jesus people, get a frigging clue and try setting at least a foot into reality occasionally, even if you don’t want to live there.

    Hey I can’t make it through a day without at least a little rant 😉

  7. Marjorie

    I’m still trying to figure this out. It would be easier if it was just me, but my daughter won’t ever speak to me again, if I come with out her! I look at it as an educational experience for her, too, like NH. So I didn’t plan to come and now… well, I’m working on it.

  8. Thanks Ron. I added a link to the post with an update! Great news piece you just posted! Woo hoo! Go JK!

  9. Marjorie

    On the Iraq report, let’s just hope the purists get it. Can’t handle more than that right now. So glad you all got to see JK. I know when I saw him in April it was a godsend.

  10. kj says:

    Marjorie, you do too know everyone. Everywhere we went in Boston there was someone, like Lori, saying, “Marjorie!” LOL

    Wow. I’m overwhelmed with happiness… that you all saw John again, that hope is still in the air.

  11. Marjorie

    I think I have a photo of Lori from Nashua (?). The day I met you, I met her.