Kerry Off to Gulf Coast with Mass. Donations

Early Saturday morning I reported that John Kerry would be heading to the Gulf Coast with supplies donated from MA area businesses. Here’s an update on that story…

Boston-area businesses and organizations have donated two semi-trucks filled with supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims at the request of U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), who will help deliver them to the Gulf Coast today.

Kerry plans to leave from Logan Airport this morning on a cargo plane donated by UPS to deliver the supplies to distribution centers in the ravaged region, said Kerry spokeswoman April Boyd.

Among the items donated are thousands of pairs of children’s shoes given by New Balance of Boston, $10,000 worth of food and juice donated by BJ’s Wholesale Club of Medford, baby formula supplies from Children’s Hospital in Boston, medical aid from Hallmark Health of Medford and Byram Medical Supply, and cleaning supplies and cooking items given by the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.

Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, have also contributed $250,000 to relief organizations, Boyd said.

Kerry is also asking for future donations to be brought to his Bowdoin Street office. Among items most needed are: canned goods (that can be opened without a can opener), non-perishable food items, baby supplies, mosquito repellants, bleach and other cleaning supplies, cases of bottled water, toiletries, individually boxed juices, individually wrapped snacks, rubber and heavy duty work gloves, dust masks, plastic utensils and paper plates.

Last week, Kerry also emailed his list of three million supporters asking them to donate directly to the American Red Cross.

There is a PDF of the donations collected to date here and more information about where to donate here..

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8 Responses to Kerry Off to Gulf Coast with Mass. Donations

  1. Teresa says:

    And off goes the Knight in Shining Armor.

  2. Yes indeed… There’s a post about about another great man above – The Dali Lama.

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Reading through some of the earlier posts and thinking back to other comments people have made, Marjorie in particular, I find it sad that American’s have this inability to recognize a great man. The kind we need so desperately.

    We are so obsessed with who’s winning NOW. Major league sports has really added to our concern with winning no matter what the cost, ethics, eventual consequences.
    Investment is like that too. We look at this quarter’s profits, not the 5 or 10 year return. It just encourages the corporations to focus on a very short period, deal with what follows with some new distraction.

    You lose, you’re history. Lose too many elections, you are the permanent minority party. Stick with an ‘underdog”? Because they actually are someone you can respect, believe in, and support, come hell AND high water?

    What a concept.

  4. Teresa says:

    It’s a lot about immediate gratification I think. Americans are childish and from years of affluence, people have grown up not having to wait for things.

    The winner thing runs deep. It hinges on the basic belief that EVERYTHING is a game, a competition. Our society has always valued brawn over intellect, I think.

    In the end it doesn’t really matter if others recognize Kerry’s greatness as long as he does. The part that encourages me is that he is here at all. That our society produced him. It’s so common for advanced people to walk about overlooked, but it is highly possible that this desperate need you speak of, Ginny, will overpower in the near future.

  5. kj says:

    I think it was on The Daily Show, something I saw recently, that talked about America’s ADD. Does anyone remember seeing that anywhere?

    One of these days, something in the future, we all must meet. I had the opportunity to meet Marjorie the summer of 2004 and instantly felt a connection, she just has that “thing” that people are drawn to. I can’t tell you how hard we laughed, over I can’t remember what now, and then how hard we cried when we watched Teresa’s speech at the Convention on television.

    Sometimes I secretly despair over people, especially now, after the election, not getting who John Kerry is. I know I didn’t manage my grief over the election very well until I could surround myself again with people who saw him in the same light that I did. And his wife, Teresa.

  6. Ron Chusid says:

    Related Story: Kerry heads South with planeload of hurricane relief supplies

    September 12, 2005

    BOSTON –Sen. John Kerry flew south Monday with a planeload of supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims largely donated by Massachusetts businesses.

    On board the UPS Boeing 757 were 5,000 bottles of baby formula donated by Children’s Hospital, 5,000 pairs of sneakers from New Balance and an array of cleaning supplies from the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans.

    In addition to supplying the plane, flight crew and fuel, UPS also donated trucks and drivers to transport the goods to Logan International Airport and then to disperse them to Baton Rogue and Lafayette, La. The list of requested supplies was given to Kerry by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

    “Everything that any of us can do is so welcome, and it provides just a little bit of help at an extraordinary time,” Kerry, D-Mass., said before he flew to Louisiana to help distribute the supplies and meet with local government officials.

    The 2004 Democratic presidential nominee refused to directly criticize the relief effort mounted by the Bush administration, but he recalled talking about issues of coastal flooding at an event he held in Louisiana during the campaign.

    He also recalled warning that the nation is not being sufficiently prepared for a terrorist attack, especially one targeting nuclear or chemical plants.

    “I think it is not a new criticism that the Homeland Security Department is not funded properly and they haven’t had the kind of leadership necessary to prepare,” Kerry said. He said Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management agency, should be fired, not reassigned as he was last week.

    The senator suggested organizing regional hurricane relief efforts, so supplies and relief workers are pre-positioned near where a storm is forecast to hit and then moved into the location immediately after it passes.

    “This is not rocket science,” Kerry said.

  7. Marjorie G says:

    Thanks to all of you for being here. Until this blog, I could barely speak about Kerry with my circle of activists and people collected from the election I hope will become activist. And without him, a whole point of view. Some think big tent and know the party’s deficiencies, but all of what has been said above in Kerry’s value, and missing in America, I need to share and know there are others.

    Even if they appreciated him somewhat, he is old news, but never really appreciated. Someone remote, too intellectual, but as we know, he’s so much more. More than just the anti-war kid, who they wish would rise again. They don’t see the trajectory. How it informs him, the same motives and passions. So special, because he doesn’t try to be.

    My soul sister, KJ, we’re big and small, but the same. I never laughed so hard either. Deep down, uncontrollably, over the silly paragraph we could not muster without a mouse. We kept losing the cursor, for two hours, over that pad ball. Still haven’t mastered it. We shared the convention speech, and our sunshine boys leaving, standing in the right place at the right time with Maura. We share the same beliefs and hopes, and still do.

    Until the 24th.

  8. kj says:

    “This is not rocket science,” Kerry said. Thank you, John.

    Marjorie, my god, we laughed so hard I lost all sense. Couldn’t write a coherant sentence, let alone a paragraph or a blog. Just useless with laughter. It was wonderful.

    And that last day, with you and Maura, and the unbelievable gift we were given, to see John and John turn the first corner of their bus tour, not more than a few feet from us, with absolutely no one inbetween, and after we thought they were gone. That was almost as good as the coffee in the Italian bakery. 😉