A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

EDITORS NOTE: The following post was to be posted in our comments by Donnie from Houma, LA. Donnie appeared on The Democratic Daily about a week or so ago, fresh from the Katrina disaster in LA, Donnie and I struck up a conversation about what was really going on in LA.

Donnie is registered Republican, who’s not at all happy with the way things are going down there. I’ve invited Donnie from Houma, LA to share his insight with our readers. Here’s his first post in what we hope will be a series based on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

Donnie from Houma, LA: As promised, get ready for my own style of shock and awe. This is the gift I spoke of. I sure hope you have a seatbelt on your puter chair…

A Republican’s insight: Is there a chance for a Democratic foothold in the south?

I intend to show how the local people are feeling, thinking, and making do under the current conditions of our State. To accomplish this, I will use links to local news, views of everyday people in this area, some of my insight into the people of my state and the Republican Party, and cold hard facts. Due to my underestiment of how long this project will be after writing on all projected subjects, I have decided to break it down into separate parts and try to post one section a day. The following topics will be covered:

1: Did FEMA fail us?
2: Could FEMA have managed this monster undertaking if competent leaders were in place and actually tried to do their job?
3: What are the local people thinking and saying about the current situation, and Pres. Bush?
4: Did the Local, Parish, State, or Federal Gov. drop the ball?
5: How can the Dems. make a showing, and not make it look political?
6: What would make the locals mad and ruin it for the Dems.?
7: What are the possible subjects that can be brought up for the Dems. in future elections?
8: What is the truth about Louisiana Politics and it’s basis of law?
9: What are the political ramifications of this debacle in the State of Louisiana?
10: What are the needs of Louisiana in the present and future?

TOPIC 1: Did FEMA fail us?

FEMA turned out to be about as useful as a baseball player using a toothpick to bat when we needed them most. The blame for FEMA being so unorganized, cannot be placed at the feet of state and local Gov. Taking it and rolling it into one big massive, wad of unusable refuse, that we have to make up new adjectives to describe it, due to the fact that no known one exist that can truly describe it, is the product of the Bush administration.

Reality check folks, neither Blanco or Nagin had a thing to do with making “Big Brother” bigger!!! Two weeks after the storm, and yet here in Louisiana, we still hear and see the same old “Where is FEMA?” mentality and headlines in our local papers and newscast. I don’t think it is all that big a suprise, the the finger pointing coming from the GOP, is direct at a Dem. Governor in a red state, and a Dem. Mayor, in the political stronghold of that state.

Blanco was here, and making pleas to you Mr. Bush. Mayor Nagin was in a hotel without electricity, over looking the Super Dome, that he went out to, and without the camera crews in tow like every GOP member that came down had. Bush is quoted as saying “What is not working, we’re going to make it right”?

Then fire Mike Inc. (Chertoff and Brown). Let me also point out, that when one of the local news reporters, wanted to interview Mayor Nagin, she went into New Orleans, and climbed many flights of stairs in the dark and hot hotel to find the Mayor. People were able to get into New Orleans, and yet Bush’s administration, cried that the city was cut off and hard to reach. The fact is, it was accessible, and Big Brother, sat in D.C. on their hands, and with their thumbs facing up at that!! The proof is in the pudding, and the muck left behind from the receding waters.

UPDATE: Micheal Brown resigned as I was writing this. That’s a good start, but not enough!!! Feel free to do the same Chertoff. Hey Condi, I didn’t forget you. Stand in line. Rep. Thomas Tancredo, R-Colo. I would say for you to stand in line, but instead, I hope you do the only public service you ever did, and lay down, have a coronary, and make the quickest trip you can to your eventual home — Hell!!! Talk about corruption! What about Haliburton, you self rightious, finger pointing, bag of hot air!!!!

Proof FEMA Failed Us:

1) OUR OPINIONS: An open letter to the President

Dear Mr. President:

We heard you loud and clear Friday when you visited our devastated city and the Gulf Coast and said, “What is not working, we’re going to make it right.”

Please forgive us if we wait to see proof of your promise before believing you. But we have good reason for our skepticism.

Bienville built New Orleans where he built it for one main reason: It’s accessible. The city between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain was easy to reach in 1718.

How much easier it is to access in 2005 now that there are interstates and bridges, airports and helipads, cruise ships, barges, buses and diesel-powered trucks.

2) Mayor Nagin speaks in Dallas

3) Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee commandeers Sam’s Wal-Mart stores

Sunday, 10:30 a.m.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee said he has “commandeered” the Sam’s and Wal-Mart stores in the parish and ordered them to open as soon as possible.

Lee said he took the action after he learned that a Wal-Mart store wanted to open recently but was told by FEMA officials that it could not.

“I am upset with FEMA and some of their regulations,” Lee said.

4) Two weeks later, where is FEMA?
The Courier

HOUMA — Long-awaited disaster recovery centers operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be coming to Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes soon.

But exact dates and locations are still uncertain. Also unclear is what kind of plans FEMA to address the financial needs of thousands of evacuees staying in the area

So I put it before the people of my state, Louisiana, and the American people, did FEMA fail us?

I think it is oh, so obvious, that FEMA is about as reliable right now, as Pat Robertson is in the soul saving game. Try to spin this.

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27 Responses to A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

  1. Thanks Donnie from Houma!

    I’m also looking forward to reading the rest of your insights on the subjects noted above over the next few days.

    BTW Donnie, I hate to break it to you, but you are now officially a RINO and no longer considered a Republican by Bush supporters and therefore probably most of the GOP. In their eyes, you are now a Bush bashing, Michael Moore loving, America and troop hating, liberal, socialist(some still prefer communist of course) card carrying member of the ACLU, DemocRAT and full fledged of member of the loonie left. You’ll see I’m right if any of them stop by and read this blog posting or any of your future blog posts and decide to leave a comment. Oh yeah and they’ll probably also say you not only aren’t a republican, you never were one to begin with. Sorry but I felt you should know…

    BTW everyone, the latest poll results in our NJ Governor’s race came out today. I just posted info and link under Sunday’s blog posting titled, “Kerry Bashes Bush at Corzine Rally” You’re wish is our command JK 🙂
    Yo Forrester! NJ says…Take that, biatch!

  2. Dave from Princeton,

    LOL! Great stuff here from Donnie. We’re very lucky he found us.


    Meet Dave from Princeton… he’s feisty sometimes, but he behaves nicely too!

  3. Dave from Princeton

    Checking back in older threads, KJ and I both think you will enjoy this from Donnie…

  4. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Hi Dave, nice to meet you. As far as what they think of me, they are the same ones that taught me how to fight back. All that has happened down here, and having to go back to the VA in two days to have my knee reevaluated too!!! It’s time to rock and roll.

  5. Donnie

    You said in another thread you served in the Marines… how long ago?

  6. Thanks Pamela! I’d missed that one. Yep you and kj were sure right! You guys know me so well 😉 .

    “To go from downright hatred and anger to Praying and quoting bible verses, is hypocritical, self rightious, and a very good insight into the darkness of your soul. ”

    Donnie, the above is quite common. Wait until you read some of the very religious far right(aka the American Taliban) Those who now make up solid core of the current GOP. They would still support Bush even if they watched him kill babies on the front lawn of the white house).

    BTW, welcome to the reality based community! In case you wren’t aware, we were acutally named that by someone in the Bush admin a while ago. It was meant as a derogatory comment. He then followed it up by saying that the Bush admin and GOP creates their own reality. It’s why they and the right-wing echo chamber constantly repeats the same lies, slogans and phrases over and over, even after statements have been proven to be false. Seems to work like a charm on a large number of Americans… Unfortunately for them, the real reality does sooner or latet tend to prick some holes in their reality once in a while, since some things are even beyond their propaganda machine, powerful and effective and it may be.

  7. Oops, just saw your post Donnie.

    Good luck on your evaluation tomorrow. Yeah, if you’ve read many of my posts I tend to be a ranter. I can get pretty worked up… I get really irritated at the Bush admin and sometimes many current GOP in congress as well. But my biggest rants are directed at people who I consider droolers: the propoganda parrots who just repeat the phrases, excuses and BS they are fed by the rightwing echo-chamber and Bush admin. I also direct it at those on are on “our side” but do the same thing. They normally tend to be of the young “deaniacs” type. Some of them really aren’t much better than those who are brain washed and poorly informed on the other side

  8. Dave from Princeton

    I know I am having a time keeping up around here myself! {{rolling eyes}}

    That’s okay though, we in the reality community have work to do! And we’re getting it done.

  9. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Pamela, I went in in ’86 and was a casualty of military downsizing after a little over two years in. I signed up for 5 yrs. and injured a knee. Navy medical messed it up worse than it was before. I wanted to stay in, but it didn’t happen. They discharged me in ’88, just as H.W. was running for Pres. and set my disability at a whopping 10%. Man, if I could only find that guy that ran into me and sent me rolling down that mountain. LOL

  10. Donnie

    Ouch, double ouch. I have an old friend from home who did the career thing – Marines. I think he’s out now. A brother-in-law was a copter pilot in VN – Marines. Another friend here was in VN – Marines. FYI, the guy who fights for Vet’s benefits is Kerry. It’s on the top of his list! Pappy and Son ain’t too generous in that area.

  11. Ginny in Co says:


    You bring us hope and humor – and tears. You are the kind of person that could help rebuild the GOP. Meanwhile, continue the shock and awe. We need the perspective badly. I had to shut myself up from arguing with a Neocon at work tonight who was doing the blame Nagin and Blanco talking points.
    -You didn’t see the picture of a 1000 school buses underwater because of the liberal media. (1000? Where were the bus drivers? The national guard has drivers, they could have moved people out of the Super Dome)
    -The Red Cross was 5 blocks from the SuperDome and were told not to bring food and water because it would encourage people to stay.
    (When was the Red Cross 5 blocks from the Super Dome? Even Evans hasn’t said that. Oh, she doesnt know. The Red Cross was told to wait during the first 24 to 48 hours due to flooding. Even then, they are under Fema Control)
    -Ray Nagin is in Texas, he just bought a house there. His wife and child are there. He has to fly back to NO to meet Bush tomorrow. (So he is taking a break to provide for his family? No he could have bought in LA. and then he will fly back – probably a whole hour of flight time. tomorrow?
    HE HAS TO FLY BACK TO MEET THE PRESIDENT. Yeah, I heard you the first time.)

    Would if be ok with you if I email your comments to our CO congressman Tancredo ? I’ll add mine to it. Just for your own amusement, one of our local op writers pointed out one time that Tancredo had gone so far right, he was in agreement with the far left:)

    Thanks for taking the time, I’m sure you have a lot to do.

  12. Waving to Ginny – nitey nite!

  13. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    LOL Ginny, he went so far right that he made a full circle huh? Posting on here and researching the news articals and taking on this project I have started, kinda keeps me going forward. So if it brings hope to ya’ll, then we have helped one another. Wait on the email though. They will find out soon enough. Lets get more of it done first, and maybe it will enrage them so much that someone will have a nice big case of internal combustion!!!

  14. Nick says:


    there many be a chance for Democrats in the South, but not in Lousiana, but in Texas. See my post about “Is Texas Turning Purple” for more on this. But to summarize, while most of the South (outside Florida) is solid GOP, Texas just became a “Majority-minority state” thanks to Hispanic growth in the state and the black population there is growing faster than hte white population there. No not all southern whites are republicans (e.g. my Richmond Va. born and raised girlfriend) but as the Hispanics in Texas become naturalized citizens who can vote, and as blacks from New Orleans flock into Texas, its only good days ahead for dems in Texas.

    Note: Kerry won the NATIONAL Hispanic vote 64%-35% -see http://www.wcvi.org for more
    Kerry won the Hispanic vote IN TEXAS 59%-41%, he did not lose it 51%-49% as was initially reported.

  15. Nick

    It’s important to remember that Louisiana voted for Clinton. With a Democratic Governor, and one Dem Senator, my instinct is it’s not a lost cause.

  16. Nick says:


    Point taken,

    But it would not have voted for Clinton in 1992 were it not for Ross Perot. Your right that it would’ve still voted for Clinton in 1996 because even with Perot Clinton got 50.2% of the vote. Maybe not a lost cause but with a mass exodus of black voters from NO, and a machine in NO that knew how to get out the vote, a difficult state just got even more difficult.

  17. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Nick, as you will find out on the rest of this series, There is a method to the Madness in Louisiana politics. It’s very misunderstood to say the least. I hope to lift the shroud of mystery.

  18. Ginny in CO says:


    Looking forward to learning about that method – and getting past the misperceptions.

    I’ve heard the GOP is having an internal war. Which was actually predicted before the election and that it would happen regardless of whether they won or not. The rank and file are getting close to combustion temperatures? Wonder if it will look like a fireworks show…

    The ‘Net can make anyone a serious researcher and the more info you get, the more you want. Compared to slogging through the old library card files and microfiche, it’s like the difference between plowing with a tractor and a Star Trek food generator.

    Keep goin’

  19. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Ginny, when it happens, it’s gonna be a complete reversal of what happened to the Dems. when they lost the majority. I sent an email to Pamela this morn., with a story about the U.S. blowing some smoke about Syria. Here is the story.

    September 13. 2005 9:34AM

    Bush balancing diplomacy with hurricane response in harried week

    Associated Press Writer

    President Bush is balancing a harried schedule of diplomatic duties – from Iraq to China and the United Nations – while working to stay on top of hurricane recovery efforts that most Americans say should be his No. 1 priority.

  20. Ginny in CO says:

    A complete reversal would be our best hope! And may we be very very careful not to ever get into abuse of power on any scale.

    So W still thinks he can do anything, including focusing on two things at once…

    Now we have to keep from another Cambodia style war? Can we use the UN this time instead of bombs?

  21. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Ginny, the mention of picking another fight as is mentioned in that artical, tells us something about the mentality of Big Brother right know. He got punched by lil brother, and he wants to take a swing at someone else. But he doesn’t want to go ouside with the black eye in public. So he gets someone else to take his slack(NATO or the UN) to go and punch someone else for his frustrations. NATO or The UN will take over areas, to pull troops out to send elsewhere. I feel that Afghanistan(and this is purely my republican side telling me this) will be handed over to others, to reposition troops. Either that, or they will be talked into doing the deed themselves. Do the Oh, woe is me routine, because we have our own probs. and look at what they do to us. But this is just my opinion.

  22. Donnie

    Since it’s well known he gave up the hunt for Bin Laden, might as well pull out, I suppose. What a mess — what a mess. Scarey neocon people. Speaking of which have you ever been to http://www.thenewamericancentury.com.

    They (the neocons) pretty much publicize all their plans there.

  23. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    LOL Pamela, I will take a look at it after I finish writing the 2nd edition. Had company come over just now, and I had no plan on it, but will try to get it out tonight. But they just left and gave me their opinions on Bush to add to later installments. My goal is to try to do one a day, but who knows? Hope I can do it. As far as making plans out in the open, I can only say I know better than that. I will go as far as to tell you that when I get into the most sensitive parts of the series, I will not post them, due to the sensitivity of the subject. I will email certain sections to you and you can post the availability of it and distribute them to the right people. I see no reason to be be like Geraldo and draw a map of the battle plans. I will inform you of the ones to be hidden so to speak. You can announce it to the fellow bloggers, so they can contact you to get it.

  24. Ginny in Co says:


    Sounds like just a sane human opinion to me. Of course my sanity has been questioned at times:)

    I love the irony of turning to the CommUNist international organization to take the fall for the problems we created – because we couldn’t pay attention to the body that at least tries to speak for the other 96% of the worlds population.

    So, are you implying there IS a vast right wing conspiracy? (Just had to ask)

  25. Nick says:


    I always thought of Louisiana as a pretty safe GOP state, at least on the presidential level. Yes Clinton carried it twice, but exit polls in 1992 indicated Perot cost Bush the state. Clinton got 50.2% of the vote in 1996 so Perot or no Perot Clinton still wins. Still, if inb 2004 Bush had run as lackluster a campaign as Dole did, Kerry (or anybody) might have won La. (and other states that are nominally GOP).
    I still don’t count on La. come election time. That being said, if you can prove my theory wrong that La. is a GOP state (at least on the GOP level) I would welcome your info. with open arms. As Ross Perot said “I’m all ears.”

  26. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Don’t read anything into it Ginny, I as a former military person and an avid history buff(mostly military history) know the importance of not advertising your moves in advance. I must admit to my ignorance of the group mentioned in Pamela’s post, but I will check it out and learn. I do know how to make a good plan and letting them know what and when it is going to happen, is not good policy. Hence the hype, double talk, and repeated quotes you hear in the spin and interviews you come to know and love from the GOP. That is what I hope to be able to relay to you and the rest of the friends here. Although we may have diff. views, we can help each other and make this a lil less insane. As you and Pamela and the rest of the crew teach me, I hope to be able to teach you. This is new ground for me, and I hope I can honestly open a little of the mystery of our diff. If Cuba can offer assitance to America, surely, we can work together in our country.

  27. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    PS, I just sent part two of this series a little while ago to Pamela.